Published On: Tue, May 1st, 2012

Chris Hemsworth reviews his acting timeline from ‘Cabin in the Woods’ to ‘Thor 2’

Some movies are filmed and go into post-production for months and months. “Cabin in the Woods” is one such film and Chris Hemsworth, with an ever growing resume, reminded fans that his start was not last summer’s “Thor,” but Drew Goddard’s horror film.

Speaking with Slash Film, the actor recounted the long journey from “Cabin in the Woods,” playing “Thor” and the uncertainty with all of the news.

“It’s funny, I probably spent the most time thinking about the first THOR, because it was the origin of it all and then AVENGERS I thought “Oh yeah, I’ve played this before and this will be easy” and that was the mistake I made, I think. I walked on that set the first day and was a bit rattled by that group and everyone and thought, “S**t, hang on. Wait a second. I’m in a red cape and this feels kind of ridiculous.” It didn’t feel as comfortable as I did in my own film, but pretty fast it all fell into place. But yeah, I mean CABIN has been the catalyst for all of this stuff. The jump into SNOW WHITE was straight after THOR and that was great and then I just finished Ron Howard’s film, the race film, and it’s funny I catch myself thinking “Jesus, am I some sort of athlete?” You know, because I’ve been going up and down in weight for the last few years more than I’ve ever done. “Put on muscle. Now strip it off.” It’s finding that balance. You get caught in putting on the weight or losing the weight or whatever and then you think “I’ve got a film to perform in here or act in.” RUSH was fantastic. As I said, I just finished it last week and it was great. The characters in the story line, not this sort of concept of it all and it was nice to have a simpler sort of approach to everything. It was all based in reality obviously and based on real guys who existed and it was a lot of fun, yeah. There’s the resource of real human beings to have a look at. I met so many people who knew him. It was great.”

Hemsworth added that “Thor” created a ton of scheduling conflicts and uncertainties for the Australian actor.

“I was cast on a Friday (for Red Dawn), I got a phone call, and then the Saturday I was cast as Thor and then following that conversation I had another phone call that said, “Yeah that might not work out, because there’s a schedule conflict,” so I spent the next kind of two weeks in limbo about how I was going to feel about “Did I get it or didn’t I?” Then it worked out, but it was CABIN IN THE WOODS that kicked it off, yeah.”

Now Hemsworth moves forward with another Thor film set for next fall. Even after “The Avengers” and last summer’s “Thor,” he’s still mindful of director Drew Goddard’s advice about the comic book enthusiasts.

“Yeah, I remember being out one night and we had finished late on a Friday night and we went and had a drink and I had just gotten THOR and he said, “Let me tell you something.” He goes, “I’ll give you some advice about the fans, just don’t bulls**t them.” And he goes “They know more than you will ever know.” I said, “Okay” and I knew nothing of the comic book world and this is one of those sort of heartfelt kind of two in the morning or three in the morning conversations, but it was true. I learned that. “The guys who read those comic books and know that world know more about it than you do” and it was nice to kind of start on that foot. I went “Oh, okay. There’s that kind of audience out there watching.”

“The Avengers” opens this Friday and “Thor 2” comes to theaters next fall on November 15, 2013.


Chris Hemsworth Red Dawn photo

Chris Hemsworth in “Rush”

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