Published On: Mon, Mar 5th, 2018

Choosing Between Door Repair and Complete Replacement

One thing about doors is that they don’t last forever, and that’s where the idea of door repair or replacement stems from. However, when your door is damaged, you might have to decide on whether to repair or replace it. Below are the facts you need to consider before you decide:

photo/ Ron Porter

How Bad is the Damage?

First off, everyone knows that you don’t fix things that aren’t broken, which is why you have to be sure that you really have a problem with your door before you start completing any solutions. A door can last anywhere between 15-20 years when in constant use, and signs of the damage may include broken or weakening springs, rough opening, grinding noises when operating, faded color, weakening structural integrity, or even rust.

You have to understand the extent of the damage to decide whether to repair the door or replace it. For example, damages caused by weather corrosion or vehicle impact may be too extensive for you to fathom a door repair operation. In that case, you would have to replace the door. It’s also prudent to regularly inspect your door and fix problems right at their onset.

The Costs of Door Repair vs Your Personal Preference

Depending on the parts damaged, the costs of repair may be accommodative or not. That’s something you have to decide in comparison to the approximate cost of replacement as well as your own personal preference. For example, if there are many parts damaged, you may decide to replace it altogether even if the cost of repair is low. You may not want to spend a small amount repairing a door and then feeling dissatisfied every time you look at it.

However, you might be so much in love with your cool door that you wouldn’t feel a pitch forking out a fortune to repair it instead of replacing it. Well, that’s just your taste.

What About the Spare Parts?

When you decide to repair adoor, you don’t just start patching things up without a proper evaluation of what’s damaged and needs repair. At that point, you have to find out whether or not the spare parts needed are available.

If the door is very old, maybe 20 or more years old, it might be hard to get the spare parts for that particular model since the old designs may have been replaced by the new ones in the market. In this case, the only choice would be to replace the door. However, if the spare parts are available, especially if the door is fairly modern, you may opt to just repair it.

You see deciding on whether to replace or do a door repair shouldn’t be anything more than just a simple consideration. The cool tips above could come in handy when you get down to making this decision.

Author: Christine David

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