Published On: Wed, Oct 30th, 2019

Choosing a Ladder from an Aluminum Ladder Company

You can walk into any hardware store and buy a ladder to help with DIY work or decorating, but if you need a permanent ladder that will stay in place such as a industrial ladder, fire ladder or platform ladder then you will probably need to find an aluminum ladder company which makes bespoke ladders.

Specifying the Correct Ladder from an Aluminum Ladder Company

If you have a need for a fixed access ladder then aluminum is likely the first material of choice, however there are also other options such as hardwoods for interior use, and fiberglass ladders for locations where weight is an issue.

The aluminum ladder company will come and assess the space and location of the required ladders and suggest the material, grade and style of ladder required.  Whether it’s a step ladder, stool, rolling workstand, extension ladder, fire escape ladder, agricultural ladder, platform ladder or shelf and counter ladder. They will design the best ladder for optimum safety and long lasting performance.  Usually aircraft grade aluminum alloy is selected for hard standing ladders and should therefore have a long warranty period.

Drawings, specifications and a consultation will be carried out to finalize the design with you before the ladder is manufactured and then shipped and fixed in place.  Each ladder is usually custom crafted to the exact specification but may utilize common components to keep the cost low.

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Special Types of Ladders

There are certain types of ladders which have specific functional design and you may need to locate an aluminum ladder company that specializes in this type of ladder.  For example library ladders need to have the strength of an industrial ladder but have the look of the fine furniture around them, so therefore have a blend of form and function.  In this case a library ladder may be manufactured from hardwood or from aluminum with a powder coating, and have hardware finishes to match the surroundings. Wood ladders are actually made with steel rods and plated steel braces for strength but the wood finish is seen as the outer layer.  These types of sliding furniture ladders are also used in bars, wine cellars, homes, and other locations where the look of the ladder is as important as the function.

Exterior roof and fire escape ladders are permanent fixtures on the outside of a building so have to be robust, strong, but also blend where possible with the surroundings, so they’re not an eye sore.  They provide permanent access and can be anywhere up to 20 feet high, or layer in cage and platform style when required over 20 feet in line with health and safety laws. Platforms are added at every 30 feet interval again according to laws, and provide a break in the drop in case of someone falling.  These cage ladder and platform systems are make from aircraft grade aluminum and have special grade brackets to attach them to masonry walls, as well as gripped grating steps and floorings to stop slipping.

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