Published On: Thu, Nov 1st, 2018

Cheryl Sullinger: What the ‘Gosnell’ film left out

Cheryl Sullinger personally attended and reported on the 2013 Kermit Gosnell murder trial, even writing a book about the shocking revelations. Now the story has made it to theaters and Sullinger penned an op-ed on Life Site News, discussing what didn’t make the film.

“As well made as the movie was, it was sometimes difficult for me to process it, having lived the experience. Adding to that difficulty was the fact that all the names of the parties involved in the trial were changed, except for Gosnell and Detective Woods, who played a more expanded role in the movie than in real life. This made it confusing for me at times when I tried to match up a character with his real-life counterpart.”



“I have researched and investigated abortion abuses for over three decades and can attest that various aspects found in Gosnell’s abortion clinic can be found at abortion facilities around the country.”


“I was a bit disappointed in the portrayal of closing arguments, which, in my opinion, were the dramatic apex of the case. I was sorry that Assistant District Attorney Ed Cameron was essentially written out of the story. During his impassioned closing arguments, he delivered a case for the humanity of Gosnell’s tiny victims in such an emotional way that it left lead prosecutor Joanne Pescatore sobbing at the prosecution table.”


“While countering the defense’s argument that Gosnell was the victim of a racist prosecution and that the babies Gosnell murdered were not fully human, Cameron turned to Gosnell and thundered, ‘Are you human?’ then turned to the jury while pointing to Gosnell and said, ‘He’s the one in this case that doesn’t deserve to be called human.’

“It was a shocking moment that produced absolute clarity about who the true victims really were and was perhaps the most sensational of the entire trial. Ed Cameron was the real hero of this story, who ensured justice for those babies, and for Karnamaya Mongar, who died from a drug overdose at Gosnell’s abortion mill during one of his shoddy late-term abortions.”


“Perhaps I’m not the best person to dispassionately evaluate the movie because I was so close to the actual events. However, I am very glad the movie was made and highly recommend everyone seeing it. I know this movie will reach people from all walks of life and help them to better understand the significance of the Gosnell case. I hope it will cause viewers to re-evaluate the inhumanity of abortion and be inspired to work to bring it to an end.”

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