Published On: Fri, Feb 19th, 2010

Charlie Crist Quotes

I think it’s kind of funny, to be honest with you –  Crist answering  critics that he’s “not Conservative enough”, Newsmax interview1

Governor Charlie Crist photo public domain

Official Governor photo of Charlie Crist

I’m an anti-tax, pro-life, pro-gun Republican, and I think it’s very clear that during my entire career I’ve never voted for a new tax. I’ve always thought it was important to put people first, to make sure they have the opportunity to make their own decisions about their lives without the government intruding. If that’s not conservative, I don’t know what is… – Newsmax interview1

I’m proud of what we’ve done in Florida. When I got elected governor, out of the 50 states we were ranked 31st in education. We went from 31st to 14th to top 10 and this year top eight in education. – Newsmax interview1

It’s unbelievable. They just spend and spend and spend and tax and tax and tax. That’s exactly the opposite of what we’re doing in Florida. We have reduced taxes. We’ve cut our property taxes. We don’t have a state income tax. I’m proposing another $100 million in tax cuts in this legislative session coming up. – on President Obama’s proposed 2011 budget with a $3.8 trillion dollar deficit1

I think Ronald Reagan would be turning over in his grave seeing what’s going on in D.C., because we all know, or at least I feel, that if you reduce taxes and give more of the hard-earned money back to the taxpayers so that they can spend it, you spur the economy forward. You revitalize entrepreneurship and the kinds of things a free market would bring about. So no, I would not vote for that budget. – Newsmax interview1

1. Newsmax Charlie Crist interview February 8, 2010

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