Published On: Tue, Dec 17th, 2013

Catholic Cardinal explains why John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi should be denied communion

Pro-abortion “Catholics” like Nancy Pelosi or John Kerry may be more out of step with the Catholic Church teachings, especially with their abortion stance, and one Cardinal is voicing the support to deny them communion.

Nancy-Pelosi donkeyhoteyDuring an interview with EWTN, Cardinal Raymond Burke, the former archbishop of St. Louis and now the chief justice at the Vatican’s highest court saying prohibiting Pelosi and Kerry from receiving Communion”makes perfect sense.”

Cardinal Burke explained that it is necessary to protect the Sacrament, the Communion wafer offered at Masses, from “being profaned, being violated by someone receiving unworthily,” someone “who knows that he or she is unworthy and yet presumes to come forward and to take the Holy Eucharist.”

The host then asked: “Now, over the years, you have said everybody from John Kerry to Nancy Pelosi to Rudy Guiliani–these are public figures who are, by and large, pro-choice, in their public pronouncements, and manifestly so–you’ve said they shouldn’t receive the Sacrament. Now, over the years, you have received such scorn, for that clear teaching, do you ever stop and say, ‘Maybe I should back off a little bit’?”

“I’ve thought about it because I’ve received very severe criticism, both at the time that I was insisting on applying the discipline and also in my writing and other situations. But I have to say that, I think about it again, the discipline itself, and it’s a consistent discipline from the time of St. Paul, from the very first years of the Church, and it makes perfect sense.”

“In fact, it makes such fundamental sense that I can’t feel badly about it or question [it],” said the cardinal. “The question in my mind is, ‘Why don’t more people understand this?’ Because I don’t consider it to be rocket science or some kind of very unusual insight. It’s something that is natural to our Faith.”


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