Saudis: Jamal Khashoggi died during interrogation
Mozambique elephant poaching 2018 Creative and Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Office Mates Melania Trump gets ‘take-home message’ from protesting US citizens in Malawi
IPCC report calls for $122 trillion for clean energy, build ‘one to two nuclear power plants every day,’ world hunger would rise
My Experience of Starting a Business in Mexico New UK Report: Child trafficking more than doubled in just one year Britain: Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg’s home vandalized by pro-abortion radicals, spray painting death threats on house
Egyptian terrorist, al-Qaeda militant Hisham Ashmawi captured in Libya
Egyptian court sentenced 17 Islamic militants to death, ties to Coptic Orthodox Church suicide bombing Maspero Massacre seven years later: Aswan church victims remembered as Christians battle persecution Egyptian Christian recounts Muslims attacking his photography business, the insults to their prophet
Palestinian teen stabs and kills Ari Fuld in a mall
US exits UN Human Rights Council, Nikki Haley calls it a ‘cesspool of political bias’ Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei: ‘Israel is a malignant cancerous tumor’ which ‘has to be removed and eradicated’ President Hassan Rouhani responds to Trump ending Iran deal with threats, America will have ‘historic regret’
India: 12 Christians acquitted of false allegations from Hindu extremists
SEC fines Stryker again, $7.8 million, over bad records linked to foreign sales Police arrest and question Pentecostal pastor Madhya Pradesh after converting Hindu youth ICC: Pastors in India, Ashok Benjamin, Vijay Masih, and Pastor Shivcharan ‘Severely Injured in Attack’
Vatican and China deal doesn’t stop removal of cross from Lingkun Catholic church in Wenzhou
China still sending North Korean refugees back to the regime to face death penalty SEC fines Stryker again, $7.8 million, over bad records linked to foreign sales China: Teachers and medical staff asked ‘to sign a letter pledging to not hold any religious beliefs’
Boko Haram murders Hauwa Leman, releases execution video
ICC advocates raising awareness of Christian persecution in Nigeria by Boko Haram, Fulani militants Nigeria’s Islamic State, Boko Haram, murders Red Cross aid worker, Saifura Khorsa, will kill Leah Sharibu in a week HBO’s ‘Stolen Daughters: Kidnapped by Boko Haram’ documentary for October 22
Heather Nauert gives State Department statement on religious freedom in Ukraine
Mike Pompeo speaks out on FISA warrant declassification, sanctions on China Transcript: MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell questions Mike Pompeo on North Korea, Iran, Russia and Christine Blasey Ford State Department condemns Russia’s ‘sham’ Ukraine election
Syrian journalist Soulman Yousph arrested after reporting on Christian schools closing
Syria: Christian schools being closed, pressure mounts from Islamic community Syria: Christian schools being forced to teach Kurdish language, curriculum, may be closed permanently Treasury imposes sanctions on Syria over ties to Islamic State, Russia, Iran
ICE extradited Nazi labor camp guard Jakiw Palij to Queens from Poland
U.S. Tariffs Expected to Raise Vaporizer Prices Summer snow rolls in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho, as well as Germany, Austria, Italy, and Slovenia These Extraordinary Hotels Will Give You the Experience of a Lifetime
Open Doors USA calling for North Korea to allow Red Cross, UN inspections of camps for imprisoned Christians
North Korea invites Pope Francis to visit China still sending North Korean refugees back to the regime to face death penalty Mike Pompeo speaks out on FISA warrant declassification, sanctions on China
Saudis: Jamal Khashoggi died during interrogation
Pastor Andrew Brunson free from Turkish prison Turkey: American pastor Andrew Brunson heads to court to face charges related to espionage and terrorism Turkey’s Erdogan refers to Pastor Andrew Brunson for his ‘shadowy links with terrorist organizations’
Ryerson University employee Gabby Skwarko assaults pro-life protester Katie Somers
Toronto police arrest Jordan Hunt, man who roundhouse kicked pro-life woman, Marie-Claire Bissonnette Canada’s Teamsters mixed on USMCA, praising labor and dispute settlements USMCA moves ahead, ending NAFTA, Canada’s dairy farmers unhappy
Heart4Iran’s Mike Ansar speaks out against Iran’s criminalizing of Christianity
Everlasting Hope’s Pastor Rasoul Heydari speaks out against Iran’s government, it’s a ‘fight against oppression’ ICC: Iran losing control as people seek freedom Mike Pompeo remarks on safety, security threats on personnel in Iraq by Iran



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