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Four dead, nearly 300 missing after South Korea ferry sinks
Christian couple receives death penalty in Pakistan for insulting Mohammed in text message Condoms filled with cocaine arrive in Vatican City, police say no one picked up the package Chrisitans in Laos threatened to abandon faith or face exile
Ukraine arms for response to Russia, their ‘act of aggression’ as gov’t buildings seized
International adoption numbers drop to 20 year low, Russian ban blamed Russia ‘liquidates’ church for holding Sunday School without permission Russia continues ‘dark path’ as they seize Ukraine naval base in Crimea, raise their flag
Malacanang: Philippine government issues MERS advisory
MERS coronavirus makes first appearance in Asia: Malaysia, Philippines report MERS-CoV cases Australia, South Korea among W. Pacific countries declared measles-free Philippines reports thousands of measles cases in first 45 days of 2014
Muslim terrorist group Boko Haram kidnap 100 schoolgirls, all but 8 free now
Juma Hassan, Misaid Athman: Husband and wife charged in terrorist attack on Kenyan church WHO Ebola press conference: ‘We expect to continue seeing Ebola cases for some months’ Mali government notifies WHO of four suspected Ebola cases
Chinese man charged with biting police officer while drunk, his name is Bai Ting
Church in China set to demolished for not removing the cross from the top of the building Two Tibetan monks set themselves on fire to protest violence in the region Chinese activist Cao Shunli dies, denied medical treatment, US ‘deeply disturbed’
Sunni terrorists attack Iraqi soldiers killing 30 ahead of new election
Syria polio outbreak spread: Iraq reports first case since 2000 Iraq moves ahead with law that permits girls to marry at age 9, reduces women’s rights Suicide bomber attacks checkpoint in Iraq, kills 45, injures over 100 more
Eleven South-East Asia countries certified polio-free: WHO
‘Noah’ banned in Indonesia New Year’s Eve celebrations cancelled in Indonesia, banned by Islamic extremists threaten violence Hong Kong confirms first human H7N9 avian influenza case in Indonesian domestic worker
Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood attacks churches in Cairo suburb, 4 shot and killed
Egypt court sentences 529 Muslim Brotherhood members to death Woman sexually harassed at Cairo University (VIDEO) Egypt’s Al-Azhar Institute: ‘Noah’ irreligious and should be banned
Pastor Saeed Abedini refused medical treatment again as he is shackled in Iranian prison
Israel’s navy captures ship carrying rockets from Iran, made in Syria Iran, US nuclear deal not going to happen as crowd chants ‘Death to America’ Pastor Saeed Abedini’s release from Iranian Prison may reside in ‘clemency measures’ says official
Eleven South-East Asia countries certified polio-free: WHO
India: Woman gives birth to baby with two heads India: Hinduism on the rise, increasing persecution of Christians as elections near Christian persecution detailed in House meeting as Christianity expands where ‘freedom is lacking’
Priest Francis Van Der Lugt assassinated in Syria, rebels and government blame each other
New laws in Saudi Arabia label atheism as a form of terrorism Syria polio outbreak spread: Iraq reports first case since 2000 Israel responds to Syrian attack on Israel Defense Forces with focused assault, US cuts ties to Assad diplomats
Eleven South-East Asia countries certified polio-free: WHO
Bangladesh reports new Nipah virus cases, first since April 2013 Muslims attack Christians and Hindus in Bangladesh in wake of election Bangladeshi man stands trial for the rape of a 6-year-old girl in a Dubai restaurant bathroom
Pakistani woman in Britain details her ‘gender selective abortion’
Fence falls on robber, Stephen Pope, causing a heart attack and ‘guillotined’ the man Nkosiyapha Kunene and wife Virginia are headed to jail after son dies of rickets, refusing medical care due to religious beliefs Missing student Megan Roberts identified as dead body found in York
Seven Egyptian Christians murdered ‘execution style’ in Libya
‘Morgan Jones’ and 60 Minutes segment by Lara Logan highlights Benghazi events VIDEO US military captures al Qaeda leader Abu Anas al Libi in Libya and Al-Shabaab head in Somalia Where is Libya today: anarchy and a 90 percent decrease in oil production
Pakistan: Girl has feet set afire for having typhoid
Christian couple receives death penalty in Pakistan for insulting Mohammed in text message Mohammad Musa, Pakistani 9-month-old arrested, charged for attempted murder Blasphemy hearing for jailed Christian in Pakistan, Asia Bibi, delayed
The brutality of North Korea: Execution by flamethrower!
North Korea head Kim Jung-un orders execution of 33 Christians for ‘contact with missionary’ Kim Jong Un wins unanimously as all voters go to the polls North Korea call the United States the ‘world’s worst human rights abuser’
Eleven South-East Asia countries certified polio-free: WHO
Dengue fever outbreak warning issued as Thailand nears summer season World dairy and meat prices hit record highs in 2013: FAO Thailand in more racism controversy: Dunkin’ Donuts and Unilever
Greece reports first MERS coronavirus case
Saudi Arabia to give infectious disease allowance for medical personnel New laws in Saudi Arabia label atheism as a form of terrorism New MERS coronavirus cases reported from Saudi Arabia, UAE
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