Think of Traveling to Cuba in 2018? Here’s What You Need to Know
Facebook’s Panorama Político reporter Pedro Damián Gómez murdered, third journalist killed in Mexico this year What Does Nigeria Offer its Young People? A Review by Nenadi Esther Usman NBC apologizes for insulting South Koreans during Mike Tirico, Katie Couric, Joshua Cooper Ramo coverage
Studies Link Metabolic Syndrome with BPH
Fast Fashion is Killing the Planet: How You Can Help Make a Difference New global warning study backtracks on ‘Catastrophic’ warnings, almost all models have ‘overestimated warming’ 5 Reasons to Wear Cashmere in 2018
Lee Smith: Russian collusion coverage has stopped because the media ‘helped’ from their ‘echo chamber’
Moscow plane crash results in 71 dead, going down in flames minutes after take off Virginia Senator Mark Warner texted Putin lobbyist Adam Waldman to connect with Christopher Steele, but avoid paper trail Jim Carrey dumps Facebook stock due to Russian meddling during 2016 election
Students upset as Ontario high school ends crossdressing for Powderpuff game to be ‘sensitive’
Don Cherry attacked for saying ‘cuckaloos’ believe in global warming, Catherine McKenna responds with hysteria Former NBA player Rasual Butler, wife Leah Labelle from ‘American Idol’ killed in car crash Get Up-to-date News about McQuarrie Surrey
Cyprus police arrest Israeli Moshe Harel, ‘ringleader’ of global organ trafficking ring
What Travel Professionals Should Know About Europe This Summer NOT A MUSLIM BAN: Detailing the Trump immigration plan Islamic State’s New Year’s attack on Turkish Christians was against their ‘pagan feast’
Iran: Christians Eskandar Rezaei, Soroush Saraei jailed for helping students get exemption from Islamic studies
Sessions launches review of Obama Hezbollah scandal, liberal media helps Trump with their silence Iranian protests: Death toll rises to 21, Khamenei blames ‘enemies’, Trump attacks Obama, Haley calls for freedom Why Trump’s Wall Would Never Work In The UK
Liberty Counsel asks ‘Where is the outrage on travel bans against Jews’
Where You Should NOT Travel For the Holidays Bangladesh terrorists were ‘normal middle-aged men’ caught up in the Islamic State, al Qaeda ‘one-upmanship’ Eleven South-East Asia countries certified polio-free: WHO
Chinese Christian converts Huang Zhelong, Li Xiangjin granted immigration stay in Connecticut
Former CIA agent Jerry Chun Shing Lee for secrets found in a book, ties to China and possible leaks South Korea and Japan to Continue with Security Cooperation Despite the ‘Comfort Women’ Row Who are the top thinkers in Project Management Domain?
Ahmed Raza freed in Sharoon Masih murder case after beating him to death for drinking water from the same glass
Rand Paul introduces bill to redirect funds for Pakistan to fund infrastructure Discrimination against Pakistani minorities continues to rise Pakistan Court denies Asia Bibi’s appeal in Sharia Law, blasphemy case
Judge blocks Trump’s deportation of Indonesian Christians fearful of persecution
Tapanuli orangutans: ‘Among the most threatened great apes in the world’ Traders Fair & Awards invites to participation of world traders Tips For Buying The Very Best Coffee Beans Or Pods In The World
Egypt court rules against Muslim Brotherhood extremists, Yusuf al-Qaradawi sentenced to life in prison
‘Aladdin’ under attack for ‘browning up’ white extras, an ‘ insult to the entire industry’ Egyptian journalist Ismail Alexandrani, Ismail Al Sayed Mohamed Omar Toufic, jailed two years, still no trial George Soros funding pro-abortion groups, messaging all around the globe
What Does Nigeria Offer its Young People? A Review by Nenadi Esther Usman
Nat Geo WILD kicks off ‘Safari Live’ after the Super Bowl Somalia: Government officials detail rescue of 35 boys recruited by Al-Shabaab Islamists Fifteen Syrian refugees found frozen to death trying to cross into Lebanon
North Korea: Defector confirms Kim Jong-un using ‘Christian actors’ to portray freedom, believers ‘will be mercilessly killed’
Trump tweets of his ‘bigger and more powerful’ nuclear button North Korea Conflict Sends Gold Rising Will North Korea Eventually Implode?
Fifteen Syrian refugees found frozen to death trying to cross into Lebanon
Why Trump’s Wall Would Never Work In The UK Trump’s ‘travel ban’ gets reinstated as SCOTUS agrees to hear case Tim Kaine, Rand Paul, Jeff Flake push for Congress to address ‘illegal war’ in Syria



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