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Supreme Court begins free speech case over Obamacare billboards banned as ‘lies’
Violent Easter weekend in Chicago leaves 8 dead, 44 injured New Jersey atheist sues to get ’8theist’ license plate after being rejected Alabama pastor told to stop feeding homeless, ‘food truck permit’ is required
Supreme Court begins free speech case over Obamacare billboards banned as ‘lies’
ACLJ hopeful Supreme Court protects religious liberty by rejecting Obamacare HHS mandate New Poll: Over half of Americans believe abortion should be illegal at least in some circumstances Constitutional Check and Balance Act introduced by Sen Paul and Rep Poe
Obama administration to ramp up surveillance on federal employees to prevent another whistleblower
Jesse Ventura says he’d pardon Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board declares bulk metadata telephony program illegal President Obama pleases no one with NSA reform plans
Ted Cruz calls for more IRS accountability on Tax Day
Sen. Gillibrand’s ‘Military Justice Improvement Act’ falls short in the Senate GOP challenger Steve Stockman targets John Cornyn on debt ceiling vote Ted Cruz loses battle over debt ceiling conditions, 12 Republicans join Dems to increase borrowing
President Obama and family attend Easter services at DC Baptist Church
Rep John Becker calls for impeachment of Judge Timothy Black for ‘pro-gay’ ruling Harry Reid doesn’t ‘recall’ saying Obamacare horror stories are a lie, video says otherwise Putin signs treaty to annex Crimea, ignores US sanctions, critics target John Kerry’s attack on Mitt Romney
John Boehner says House will pressure DOJ for criminal charges against Lois Lerner
IRS head doesn’t comply with Congress, Lois Lerner emails could take years Thomas More Society Evidence Supports Congressional Report: IRS Targeting Conservative Groups IRS still targeting conservative, tea party and religious groups seeking tax exempt status
Rand Paul spins some tunes on Twitter at #DJRandPaul, blows off Liz Cheney’s comment
Rand Paul to propose bill to allow weapons on military bases, arm airline pilots What does Bill Maher love about Ron and Rand Paul? They are not for American Empire! Sen. Gillibrand’s ‘Military Justice Improvement Act’ falls short in the Senate
Nevada rancher, Federal government standoff ends, cattle returned to Cliven Bundy
Piers Morgan signs off CNN with gun control rant and ‘God Bless Great Britain’ Nathan Entingh, Ohio elementary student suspended over finger gun, which is a ‘level 2 lookalike firearm’ Former Supreme Court Justice, John Paul Stevens, calls for change to Second Amendment
Ron Paul: ‘The hypocrisy of Sen. Feinstein is astounding’
Jesse Ventura reaches over 1.3 million viewers in one month of ‘Off the Grid’ Former RT anchor, Liz Wahl, states that censored Ron Paul interview influenced her decision to quit Penn State wraps up details for April debate between Ron Paul and Carl Bernstein
FCC seeking to monitor newrooms, ignoring pressure results in fines
DOJ reasserts NY Times reporter James Risen must testify in Jeffrey Sterling whisteblower case FBI addresses conspiracy theories on Michael Hastings death, contradicts WikiLeaks tweet White House adviser Valerie Jarrett talks scandals, ‘things happen’ adding ‘we will move on’
Border patrol agent discusses meeting Cesar Chavez
Ahead of ‘Cesar Chavez’ film, former border patrol agent discusses meeting the labor organizer National Parks are still closed but immigration reform rally moves ahead on National Mall Leaked emails reveal John Boehner betraying GOP on Obamacare and immigration
Senate report blames State Dept in Benghazi report, it could have been prevented
Judicial Watch reports US State Department ordered Benghazi security company to avoid media Chris Matthews joins Benghazi investigative journalists, asking ‘Where was the US Cavalry’ VIDEO ‘Morgan Jones’ and 60 Minutes segment by Lara Logan highlights Benghazi events VIDEO
Bill Clinton tops list of expensive speakers at non-profit hospital set to layoff more workers
Hillary Clinton ‘clarifies’ comparing Putin to Hitler as ‘reminiscent’ of Nazi Germany Rand Paul calls on Ted Nugent to apologize for derogatory comments ‘CSI’ star Marg Helgenberger talks ‘Intelligence’ and playing her ‘M’ style character with Hillary Clinton in mind
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