US civil rights commissioner to Houston Mayor Annise Parker, ‘back off’
Idaho pastors Donald Knapp, Evelyn Knapp will go to jail, be fined for not performing gay marriage Michael Moore tweets on Ebola, insulting pro-life, creationists and Texas Biden, Gore staffer, Ron Klain, named Ebola czar – resume highlights listed
Hobby Lobby head Steve Green tells Christians to ‘stand up and fight’ for freedom
NOW includes Little Sisters of the Poor with ‘Dirty 100′ attack High Court rules in favor of Hobby Lobby US economy shrunk by 3% in quarter one, worst setback in five years
Oliver Stone to direct Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Edward Snowden film
Wikileaks’ Julian Assange compares Google to NSA, ‘collecting, storing and selling’ info Yahoo tried to protect ‘your information,’ Feds threatened $250K daily fine Brits forced Guardian to destroy Snowden docs, White House
‘UnFair: Exposing the IRS’ documentary coming theaters in October
Sens. Gillibrand and Cruz file resolution to condemn Hamas use of ‘human shields’ Ted Cruz calls for more IRS accountability on Tax Day Sen. Gillibrand’s ‘Military Justice Improvement Act’ falls short in the Senate
Newsbusters: TV networks air more NFL scandals than White House scandals
Naghmeh Abedini calls on Obama administration for ‘decision’ to bring Saeed Abedini home President Obama said administration ‘underestimated’ ISIS threat Attorney General Eric Holder resigns, Obama praises ‘liberal’ accomplishments
‘UnFair: Exposing the IRS’ documentary coming theaters in October
IRS settles with NOM over tax return debacle, leftists attack NOM IRS inspector: $13 billion or more in Earned Income Tax Credit fraud went to 25% of recipients John Boehner says House will pressure DOJ for criminal charges against Lois Lerner
Rand Paul: End aid to Pakistan over treatment of women, Christians – notes Asia Bibi
Senate to approve David Barron for judge, the author who justified drone murders House passes NDAA with funding of military Pro-Israel lobby voices opposition to Rand Paul’s ‘Stand with Israel Act’, bill is blocked in Senate
Liam Neeson suports more gun control, ‘Founding Fathers’ ‘turning over in graves’
NBC expert on home defense: car alarm, illegal hornet spray and treat intruder ‘like royalty’ Panera Bread: Don’t bring your guns, ‘preserve the environment’ of ‘Panera Warmth’ James Brady death ruled a ‘homicide’ 33 years after John Hinkley Jr shooting
‘Audit the Fed’ bill passes House again
Ron Paul: ‘The hypocrisy of Sen. Feinstein is astounding’ Jesse Ventura reaches over 1.3 million viewers in one month of ‘Off the Grid’ Former RT anchor, Liz Wahl, states that censored Ron Paul interview influenced her decision to quit
FCC seeking to monitor newrooms, ignoring pressure results in fines
DOJ reasserts NY Times reporter James Risen must testify in Jeffrey Sterling whisteblower case FBI addresses conspiracy theories on Michael Hastings death, contradicts WikiLeaks tweet White House adviser Valerie Jarrett talks scandals, ‘things happen’ adding ‘we will move on’
Nancy Pelosi freaks out on Rep Tom Marino over immigration remarks
Sen Harry Reid asserts ‘border is secure,’ Charles Krauthammer and White House don’t agree Churches, pastors not allowed assist children in illegal refugee camps Homeland Security head Jeh Johnson ‘border is not open’ and we will ‘stem this tide’
Newsbusters: TV networks air more NFL scandals than White House scandals
Dean Cain discusses gun control, not supporting Hillary Clinton and running for office State department and Democrats angry that John Kerry subpoenaed again over Benghazi Marco Rubio bashes Hillary Clinton, talks 2016 election and global warming
Gov Bobby Jindal points to ‘rebellion’ against Washington, Common Core
Dean Cain discusses gun control, not supporting Hillary Clinton and running for office Chelsea Clinton discusses battle to end elephant poaching Trent Franks notes how Hillary Clinton wouldn’t call Boko Haram a ‘terrorist group’
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