Ilinois: Bible colleges sue to get state to grant students full degrees
Burma fighting with rebels leads to brutal rape, murder of two teachers Watoto Children’s Choir continues Florida tour through January Kentucky kills tax benefits for Ken Ham, Noah’s Ark project
Denver baker sued for refusing gay marriage cake shaped like a Bible
Baptist group vocally supports Muslim prisoner’s freedom to grow beards Army recruitment office removes ‘God and country’ sign after complaint Court rules: Christians can continue protest of Pennsylvania adult, porn shop
Palestinians blame Israel for Charlie Hebdo attack, Jimmy Carter speaks out
Rand Paul introduces more Pro-Israel legislation Hamas launches missile at Israel, sparking renewed conflict Uday Abu Jamal and Ghassan Abu Jamal, Two Palestinian attackers kill 4 rabbis at synagogue
Pope Francis: Call for all to battle trafficking, ‘build peace’
Pope Francis names 15 new cardinals Pope Francis Christmas Message: end suffering, be compassionate, reject selfishness Pope Francis proclaims animals go to heaven, the Humane Society responds
Luis Zapata free speech doesn’t get dropped, judge notes Eric Garner case
Ban on abortion funding headed to Senate Archbishop Blase Cupich, Congressmen Dan Lipinski, Peter Roskam, Bears co-owner Pat McCaskey March for Life New study highlights Illinois abortion clinics ‘dangerous’ conditions
Naghmeh Abedini’s letter to President Obama: ‘imagine the pain’
Naghmeh Abedini shares Christmas message from Pastor Saeed Pastor Saeed Abedini’s mother must leave Iran after threats and intimidation Naghmeh Abedini calls on Obama administration for ‘decision’ to bring Saeed Abedini home
Alabama ‘Ten Commandment’ judge: defy federal tyranny on gay rights
Denver baker sued for refusing gay marriage cake shaped like a Bible ‘My Husband’s Not Gay’ show puts TLC under fire again Gay marriages begin in Florida, Supreme Court reviews more appeals
Muslims protest Charlie Hebdo, storm Pakistan Christian school
Boko Haram murders continue, John Kerry arrives to call for peace Africa: Charlie Hebdo protests in Niger leave 10 dead, churches burned down ISIS hacks Centcom Twitter, YouTube accounts
Winter Jam 2015: Derek Mount, Family Force 5 interview, talks music
Francesca Battistelli previews Winter Jam 2015 Jason Roy, Building 429, talks Winter Jam 2015, writing music Joel Smallbone interview: Winter Jam 2015, For King & Country, ‘Messengers’ and Lecrae
UK lawsuit: Christian nurse Victoria Wasteney suspended after praying for Muslim co-worker
Naghmeh Abedini’s letter to President Obama: ‘imagine the pain’ Colorado Civil Rights Commission compares Christian cake artist to Nazi, slave owner India: Christian man Arvind D’Souza stopped by police, despite committing no crime
Virginia city denies church a permit to help disabled children
Tim Tebow, CURE hospital in Philippines completes first four surgeries Malala Yousafzai wins World Children’s Prize, donates prize money to rebuild Gaza school Texas church offering ‘drive-thru’ prayer, to ‘feed’ your soul
‘Patterns of Evidence: Exodus’ coming to theaters in January
‘Exodus Gods and Kings’ 11-year-old Isaac Andrews to ‘voice God’ as boy at burning bush Rick Delano on ‘The Principle’ Movie, Copernican Principle, Earth’s place in galaxy Gal Gadot passes on ‘Ben-Hur’ due to ‘Batman v Superman’ schedule
Franklin Graham: homosexual can go to heaven, through repentance
Director Randall Wallace discusses ‘Heaven Is For Real’ and his personal loss during filming Bob Jones University rehires watchdog group GRACE to report on sexual abuse incidents Bob Jones University under fire for firing investigating team exploring sexual abuse allegations
Asia Bibi lawyer confirms plans to appeal death sentence
Pakistani court confirms death sentence for Asia Bibi, jailed four years for blasphemy Rand Paul: End aid to Pakistan over treatment of women, Christians – notes Asia Bibi Pakistan: Asia Bibi case delayed for fifth time, court seeks to pardon TV staff
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