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New survey: generic public prayer is okay, Jesus Christ is the problem
President Obama and family attend Easter services at DC Baptist Church President Obama meets with faith leaders on ‘broken’ immigration reform Pastor Robert McKeehan’s final moments documented before his suicide
New Jersey atheist sues to get ’8theist’ license plate after being rejected
Former NFL star Craig James signs on with FRC as Asst to Tony Perkins President Obama says nobody should ‘fear for their safety’ to pray California sides with students, religious freedom on coins with John 3:16
Supreme Court begins free speech case over Obamacare billboards banned as ‘lies’
Florida abortion bill moves ahead, would ban procedures based on ‘viability’ of child South Carolia State Senator compares Planned Parenthood to Hitler Kevin Sorbo calls for pro-choice and pro-life support of Kermit Gosnell film
Rep John Becker calls for impeachment of Judge Timothy Black for ‘pro-gay’ ruling
Mike Huckabee: Opposing gay marriage is not homophobic Emilia Maria Jesty, first baby born in Tennessee with a woman listed as father Focus on the Family doc ‘Irreplaceable’ promotes traditional marriage as God’s design
Haroon, 22-year-old Christian, murdered for not converting to Islam
Asia Bibi appeals hearing delayed again, she’s been jailed since 2009 Muslim terrorist group Boko Haram kidnap 100 schoolgirls, all but 8 free now Juma Hassan, Misaid Athman: Husband and wife charged in terrorist attack on Kenyan church
Priest Francis Van Der Lugt assassinated in Syria, rebels and government blame each other
Pope Francis apologizes for Catholic Church’s ‘evil’ sex abuse scandal California Priest, Father Francisco Blandón Meza, murdered while ministering in Nicaragua Ambassador Francis Rooney discusses ‘The Global Vatican,’ the US and Catholic Church ties
Sarah Simmons discusses ‘The Voice,’ her new album, meeting ‘Son of Anarchy’ and Eddie Vedder
Brandon Chase discusses his new song ‘One’, appearing on ‘The Voice’ and his miraculous testimony ‘Soul Check TV’ set to air dogsledding episode with Colton Dixon, Lecrae and Red Roots Music Christian rapper Bizzle gets death threats for ‘Same Love (A response)’ about gays
Sony Exec: ‘Heaven Is For Real’ is ‘for everyone,’ talks about role of faith in Hollywood
Jon Erwin previews ‘Mom’s Night Out,’ making a clean and touching comedy Director Randall Wallace discusses ‘Heaven Is For Real’ and his personal loss during filming ‘Noah: The True Story’ author Dr Joel McDurmon discusses theology of ‘Noah,’ the new film
Pastor Saeed Abedini offers an Easter message from the Iranian hospital
Pastor Saeed Abedini refused medical treatment again as he is shackled in Iranian prison National Prayer Breakfast: President Obama calls for release of Kenneth Bae, Saeed Abedini Pastor Saeed Abedini’s release from Iranian Prison may reside in ‘clemency measures’ says official
National Prayer Breakfast: President Obama calls for release of Kenneth Bae, Saeed Abedini
US to send envoy to North Korea, attempt to free Kenneth Bae and seek end to nuclear program Kenneth Bae, American prisoner in North Korea, asks US government to help to get released Dennis Rodman explodes when asked about the imprisonment of Kenneth Bae VIDEO
Director Randall Wallace discusses ‘Heaven Is For Real’ and his personal loss during filming
Bob Jones University rehires watchdog group GRACE to report on sexual abuse incidents Bob Jones University under fire for firing investigating team exploring sexual abuse allegations Franklin Graham confirms the decline in health of Evangelist Billy Graham
Alabama pastor told to stop feeding homeless, ‘food truck permit’ is required
CBS ‘clarifies’ false reporting on pro-life group, doesn’t apologize Suzy Weibel discusses Secret Keeper Girl, Crazy Hair Tour and reaching ‘tween’ girls Waiters, waitresses vent about Christians on new website: ‘Sundays are the worst’
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