Published On: Sat, Dec 28th, 2013

Cassidy Goodson to be set free in 2014 after serving manslaughter sentence for killing her baby

Eighteen months…that was her sentence.

Cassidy Goodson, the Florida teen who murdered her newborn baby and hid the corpse in a shoebox, should be scheduled for release in 2014 after plea bargaining to a manslaughter charge during her 2012 trial.

Cassidy Goodson

Cassidy Goodson

Goodson, 14, was charged with first-degree murder and tried as an adult for killing her newborn infant. During the 2012 trial, Goodson demonstrated what she did using a Santa Claus doll.

“Its eyes weren’t open but I felt to see if it was breathing or not, and (it was breathing) so I put my hands around its throat to make it stop breathing,” said Goodson during her demonstration. “I wanted it to stop breathing so I wouldn’t get in trouble.”

The teen claims she was afraid of her mother’s response to the news she was pregnant, so she wore baggy clothes, avoided her mother – all in an effort to conceal the news.

Cassidy’s mother Teresa Goodson claims she had no idea that her daughter was pregnant or had given birth at all. Teresa stumbled upon the shoebox that her daughter had put the dead baby in three days after the murder. She said she smelled a foul odor coming from her daughter’s room, and upon investigation, discovered the box with the deceased baby. She immediately went to authorities to report it.

She was sentenced to 18 months in a maximum-security facility for juveniles because the judge thought that a harsher sentence would have just been a second life lost. In the end, everyone agreed that Goodson deserved a second chance.

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  1. AMS says:

    Hardley no justice was done for that baby at all, she practically got away with murder. If she’s old enough to check a pulse, hide a pregnancy, and to especially engage in sex she’s certainly old to face full consequences for her actions.I wonder if the judge also considered the fact of how unremorseful she was as well. I hope only the worst for her. RIP baby boy

  2. marina says:

    this girl deserves to rot in prison killing tht baby i wouldnt have cared wat my mom thought thts my baby we all know she doesnt deserve a second chance she wanted to kill tht baby who kills their own blessing

  3. London says:

    Only because she’s a little white bitch … they should of threw that bitch in jail & flush the keys … rot in hell . Her & whoever agreed she deserves a second chance

  4. lex says:

    I have no idea how anyone could do this. Its sick and cruel no one should ever do that! I’d be terrified to tell my parents because they are strict but I wouldn’t kill my baby! What the hell is wrong with this girl?

  5. Abby says:

    This is pathetic! Yeah I have a 29 ur old sister and she has 3 kids NAD sometime I babysit them and they get annoying, I would hate to see this little girl because she has no right to kill that baby, he had a life to live, you wouldn’t be Pregnant If you would’ve used a condom! I love babies and wouldn’t have the hurt to kill it, IDC if you didn’t want your mom to no, don’t hurt that baby like that is bull shit frfr, you should’ve got life in jail!

  6. holyshitbatman says:

    This girl should have served more than just 18 months, not saying a life sentence wasn’t deserved because it was. Any body that murders somebody that cold hearted should never get a second chance noatter what the age is.. This girl could have took it to a safe haven hospital and they would have took care of the situation. Very sick young lady, and how can a parent of a teenage girl not know their child is pregnant I mean don’t these parents still supply for there children as for personal supplies??

  7. Samantha hammers says:

    Does anyone know who got her pregnant?

  8. harlie says:

    See now I’m only 19. I’m sitting here rocking my two month old son to sleep while he smiles up at me and reading this and thinking she never even gave that baby a chance. He could have been a star athlete or the president but she put a stop to that real quick. She never gave it a second thought so why should we give her a second chance. She’s 14 so she knows the difference between right and wrong and I’m sorry but we’re telling all other young women that get pregnant who are scared to tell their parents that it’s okay just kill your baby you’ll only lose about a year of your life and be out in time to get your license! What is wrong with people? She killed a baby. HER baby! In what world is that even a little bit okay? Oh I guess this world…..

    • Your Name... says:

      Every word true.she is sick n shud of got life Inside like she tuk that poor babies.sleep well baby least u get looked afta by angels n not that horrible human being if thats wot u can call her xx

    • Your Name... says:

      You are spot on. This will only become a trend and it is pathetic that our government would have such a lack of value on an infant life. They are so innocent.

  9. sam says:

    What a sick individual!! Is that all she gets really,18 months in juvenile? Because of her age,lol..this seriously makes my blood boil.looking at her makes me sick.you can so tell that she doesn’t give two Shits about what she did.what a waist of air she is.if that was my child I would have chosen the 15 years in prison for her.

  10. hanna says:

    You have to ask who is the father too. Maybe it was something she had to hide. And she was so young. Her parents didnt even notice. How do you not notice a pregnant teen. Alone she didnt know how to handle the situation.

  11. Ebony says:

    A mistake? are you serious?? since when is checking for a pulse to determine whether or not you need to kill your own child, a mistake? i was bought up in a christian home with extremely srict parents.at age 15 i got pregnant and was TERRIFIED to tell my police officer father and bible thumping mother that i was pregnant. alot of things ran thru my young immature mind, but hiding my pregnancy and the killing my kid was never one of them. there were plenty of options. tell your parents, have an abortion well before the baby had full formed, put it up for adoption….anything besides what she did. hell, she couldve left it on a doorstep. looking at her face, and reading her comments…shes not remorseful. this child is a sociopath that just got away with murder with a slap on the wrist. she did not make a mistake, she chose to make a decision that took a life that inconvienced her so that she “would not get in trouble”. i’m telling you, this is not about being immature, or scared. this is unnatural behavior and i would not be surprised if it happend again

    • Your Name... says:

      Not everyone was raised to think like you. We are all different, as are our parents, upbringing, religion, emotional state. It seems that instead of crucifying a 14 year old child, we should tackle the issue of sex in a more appropriate way. Sure, abstinence is preferred, but kids need to learn about birth control too.

  12. kelsey says:

    A second chance for what so she can do it all again this is bullshit

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