Published On: Thu, Jul 4th, 2019

Can You Turn Your Smartphone into a Robot to Do Mundane Tasks?

By Matthew Perry

Imagine a factory with workers who wouldn’t take a lunch break or go to the toilet. The productivity will be at its highest, and you will never get complaints from anyone regarding the working conditions. You will say that this is not possible, but thanks to low-cost robots, this dream will soon become true. Factories using robotics will cut down a significant amount of money on overhead costs and get high productivity. 

Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay

Robotic smartphone apps

Many videos become viral on social media where you see robots picking up trash, playing with kids, and talking to people. The same concept is now being used in mobile phones. With the prototype smartphone app, users can program their robot to perform the tasks they feel is too boring to do like picking up the garbage, watering the plants, and so on. Most importantly, these are household chores that people often forget to do. If they can program their robots accordingly, they will get reminders about what work they need to complete. 

Freedom to program

Companies developing robotic smartphone apps believe that buying a fully pre-programmed robot is often very expensive. Smaller companies who want to increase their productivity without spending a fortune may not be able to afford these robots. That’s why they have come up with robotic apps that the users can program. This also brings down the building and programming costs of the robot to a great extent, making it affordable for everyone. 

Over the years, there has been a significant development in the robotics industry. A2Z Advanced Solutions LTD has launched several robot-based products where the robot is trained to defuse bombs and help bomb disposal squads, counter-terrorism, and aid the military in various operations. Bentsur Joseph, the CEO of the company, believes that robots will successfully combat the heinous acts of terrorists in the future, and they will try to develop more products along this line.

Using the robot

The robotic smartphone app uses augmented reality that allows the user to program the robot according to a workflow that it directly needs to perform or the user can go out into the work area of the robot and program the various activities that it needs to finish by the end of the day. The app will allow the user to change the techniques of how to perform the task, such as whether to repeat the process once it finishes or finish the job within a specific time. 

The phone will be the brain, eyes, and ears of the robot. You need to attach the phone into a dock to the robot after setting the programs. This will control its tasks and navigations. The phone and the dock are crucial here. Their combination is what will allow the robot to work. 

Wireless interaction with the robot will make your job much easier. In an era, that’s fast moving towards machine learning and artificial intelligence, robotic smartphone apps come as no surprise. So, brace yourself for this change because it will happen for the better.

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