Published On: Wed, Sep 15th, 2021

Can A Car Accident Put You Behind The Bars? All You Need To Know About Car Accidents

Driving demands great responsibility, where any carelessness can lead to heavy fines, criminal charges, or cancelation of your license. However, these cases of car accidents when handled with ignorance towards the legal ruling can lead you behind the bars. The reason why people endeavor to hire expert car accident attorneys like Dennis and King to proceed with their case. Either it is a vehicle to a vehicle accident or a vehicle to a pedestrian accident. In this article, we will discuss these types of car accidents and ways to handle them.


Personal Injury Car Accident

In such a type of car accident, a vehicle hits a pedestrian and injures him. If it is determined that you are guilty of the accident then you will be asked to pay the compensation amount. That can either be regarding the medical bills of the injured person, loss of job, or wages. Whereas, you are also liable to compensate for the emotional distress of the person. Most of the time the personal injury car accident cases are resolved outside the courts or by negotiation of payment by the insurance company. Preventing you from jail by abducting you from any criminal charge.

Death Causing The Car Accident

In case your car hits a pedestrian and causes his death you will be charged with a civil lawsuit. boiled against you by the surviving family member. The claims attempt to establish your negligence as the driver demanding you to compensate for the loss. Requiring you to hire a car accident attorney as it is a tough case to handle on your own.

Manslaughter Car Accident 

Reckless car driving causing the death of several pedestrians is a case of vehicular manslaughter.

Demanding a detailed inquiry scrutinizing the main cause of the accident. That could be anything, your negligence due to any distraction, the intoxication of the driver, or a back luck case that was the result of a genuine issue. Possibly charging you with manslaughter and possibly serving a jail term.

Jaywalking Car Accident

Such a kind of car accident occurs when the pedestrian attempts to cross the road from non-designated spots, disturbing the car balance. In such cases, the driver is not liable to pay for the medical treatment of the pedestrian whose recklessness caused the accident. If the pedestrian is proven to be guilty of causing the accident he will be liable to pay for the damage. However, it is important to prove the pedestrian’s fault before the opponent makes the driver’s negligence the basis of the accident.

Why Hire A Professional Car Accident Attorney?

The law rulings and court procedure were made for the ease of the civilian but instead of streamlining the process, it proved to be trickier to navigate on our own. Therefore, you need an expert car accident attorney to guide you through the process. As every step you take after an accident affects your case and recovery directly or indirectly. Making it essential to hire an expert attorney who will upfront the cost and charge only after you win the case. Hiding you throughout the case not letting you miss the deadline, invalidate the evidence, or settle on a small settlement amount. Therefore, representing you with his better understanding and legal awareness in a much better way.

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