Published On: Tue, Dec 3rd, 2013

California woman Erin Lynn Cruz identified as victim when body ‘parts’ discovered in two sewage plants

Human body parts found 30 miles apart in two waste water plants in Southern California has been identified.

Erin Lynn Cruz, age 27, went missing three days before legs, feet and a pelvis were found at a pollution control plant in Carson, California, I late October.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said it is still treating Ms Cruz’s death as homicide.

Authorities are trying to determine cause of death, but say they believe she was dead before being dismembered and her body parts dumped in a manhole.

“’That body at some point was placed in the sewer system when it went to the water treatment plant in the Bassett area.,” said Sheriff’s Department Lt. Mike Rosson.

“The body suffered mechanized separation.”

The human leg and foot were discovered at the Los Angeles County Joint Water Pollution Control Plant while her torso was found two days later at a treatment plant in Bassett — some 30 miles northeast of where the first remains were discovered.

No arrests have been made.

photo JRLibby

photo JRLibby

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