California ignores habeas corpus or warrants to search for Chris Dorner, even shoot civilians

This photo illustrates the scene in California, which has spiralled into a frenzied manhunt for Christopher Dorner.

photo Chris Carlson

photo Chris Carlson

“Members on the California Highway Patrol search a truck for Christopher Dorner, a former Los Angeles police officer accused of carrying out a killing spree because he felt he was unfairly fired from his job.”

More than 100 police officers headed into the San Bernardino Mountains Saturday searching for suspected cop-killer Christopher Dorner, a former LAPD officer who has vowed “warfare” against the department.

On Thursday, Dorner’s burned pick-up truck was found in the Big Bear area, prompting a lockdown of local schools and the temporary shutdown of the Bear Ski Resort.

Notice the hysteria created by the police and the media.

Now two sheriff’s choppers are flying around Big Bear as SWAT looks for fresh footprints.

While no tears are being shed for this murderer, we are sending this many resources into the mountains on the heels of a blizzard to find one man?

We are shutting down schools, scaring little kids because of a killer with a vendetta against the LAPD?

Dorner’s crazed manifesto discusses his outrage with the police department, criticisms of other minority groups and ramblings about CNN anchors and his favorite forms of entertainment – not much hint at targeting children.

I don’t think the authorities should neglect the schools, but one officer at the schools (which don’t already have a police presence) would have been overkill.

So beyond the horrible crimes of this former cop who has snapped, the police have shot at civilians in a case of “mistaken identity.”

KABC reports “A suspect manhunt led to two mistaken identity police shootings in Torrance within minutes and blocks of each other Thursday.”

Not one, but two.

Two uninvolved female civilians inside the vehicle were wounded and rushed to local hospitals. One injured female victim suffered a minor bullet wound, and the second female victim was shot twice in the back and reported in stable condition. – KABC

I’d like to point out that ALL of the victims are women!?!?

Have they not seen the photos of Dorner?

“It does make you uneasy that it seems like it’s shoot first and then figure out what’s going on,” said Torrance resident Stephanie Lee in the article.

Yes, Ms. Lee that does appear to be the case. Look at the photo above, searching a truck at gunpoint…very civil.

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