Published On: Mon, Mar 11th, 2013

Bill Kristol says Rand Paul filibuster ‘fearmongering’ ‘Kookiness’ and loss for the GOP

Bill Kristol is hardly the only critic of Rand Paul’s 13 hour filibuster, read more here, but the political analyst had some harsh words for the Kentucky Senator in his Weekly Standard article.

YouTube screen shot

YouTube screen shot

“How much staying power is there in a political stance that requires waxing semihysterical about the imminent threat of Obama-ordered drone strikes against Americans sitting in cafes?”

Kristol language sounded like a warning for the other Senators who stood with Paul.

“Is patting Rand Paul on the back for his fearmongering a plausible path to the presidency for Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz? Is embracing kookiness a winning strategy for the Republican party? We doubt it.”

The author seems to not take seriously the connected dots to the assassination of the “terrorist” in Yemen which was the basis of Paul’s argument slanted her by Kristol.

“…who want to give Paul the benefit of the doubt, have explained why anyone should take seriously what David Frum calls Rand Paul’s “nightmare out of a dystopian future: an evil future president shooting a missile at an American having coffee in a neighborhood café, merely on suspicion, without any due process of law.” Such an act would be illegal and unconstitutional, and if a president gave such an order, it should not and would not be obeyed.”

While the recent losses of Republicans seem to elude the commentator who cautions of Paul’s influence on the GOP.

“…But it’s true that a Republican party that follows the path of Rand Paul will end up as thoroughly defeated at the ballot box as Macbeth was routed on the battlefield of Dunsinane. And as deservedly so.”


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  1. Suze says:

    Keep watch of all those who raged against Paul’s stand for the constitution with his filibuster,including media, GOP, certain democrats….and notice afterward how some of these same critics will try to align themselves with this strongest movement..But nobody will forget which side of history they put themselves on at that pivotal junction when Americans cheered audibly that AT LAST somebody was speaking up against this imperialistic government.

  2. Cam says:

    The American people are sick of the neoconservative ideology. Now that Rush Limbaugh used the term “neoconservative” on the radio the other day, when calling out the likes of Bill Kristol, he and others in the Republican party can no longer make accusations of people being anti-semitic when using that term. It is a way to shut the opposition up. By the way, “neoconservative” was a term neocons come with for themselves in the first place. It’s the Libertarian was or no way for the future of the Republican party.

  3. joe says:

    “a Republican party that follows the path of Rand Paul will end up as thoroughly defeated at the ballot box as Macbeth was routed on the battlefield of Dunsinane. And as deservedly so.”

    Oh does he mean like the beating that Romney and the neocons took last election? 7 out of 8 battleground states lost. Ohio AND Florida lost. You can’t get beat much worse than that, especially against Obama for crying out loud.

    • Suze says:

      It’s if they DON’T follow this vital new surge of constitutionalists that will kill them. Some who have gone against him have just killed their relevance. Notice even the number of democrats that are joining….It’s the new party we needed to get this corrupt big big big government gone….Look into it…for your own sake.

  4. Welch says:

    Neocon’s are DONE! Kristol is over!

  5. Scotty90 says:

    And the party of neoconservatism has done with their terms in office?

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