Published On: Wed, Jun 6th, 2018

Best Side Gigs for College Students

Most college kids can’t rely on their parents to cover all the expenses of earning a degree. Understandably, undergrads might want to earn an income to tackle student loans following graduation. However, the biggest challenge is juggling a job while also having enough time to study.

There are certainly plenty of ways to earn money on campus, as long as you are willing to work long hours for minimum pay. Instead of going that route, save extra time to study with these more profitable side hustles:

photo/ Mary Pahlke

Online Tutoring

Tutoring high schoolers or freshmen over the web can actually be more lucrative than tutoring on campus. Online student tutors can earn as much as $15 per hour. Of course, the pay you earn will vary. Some subjects, such as calculus, may earn you more. Find a reliable online platform and pitch yourself to desperate students who want to boost their grades, as much as you want to boost your income.

Day Trading

If you are a finance or an economics major, buying and selling penny stocks for a profit should not be much of a challenge. Even non-finance majors can try this. Before you start, be aware that cheap stocks can be extremely risky and vulnerable to scammers. Therefore, don’t bet hundreds of dollars on penny stocks. Instead, start out small and learn to differentiate between the good penny stocks and the worthless. Avoid pump-and-dump scams by researching the companies you are buying stocks from. Sites like Finviz are extremely useful for real-time visualizations of the stocks you are tracking. With some research and good sense, you can earn significant amounts of money trading cheap stocks.  

Create PowerPoints Online

Those PowerPoint slides, so ubiquitous in workplaces, have to be designed by someone. Even as a college student, you may realize how frustrating it can be to create these. The effort of creating seemingly simple PowerPoint slides was famously brought to light in a 2010 New York Time article about the U.S. military. Instead of fighting a war, the generals were busy designing slides. The military is just one of the professions that see this task as a waste of time. This is where college students with free weekends come in. You can earn a decent income by creating PowerPoint slides online for clients who don’t have time to put in the effort.

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Instead of spending your free time Netflixing, you could instead earn some pocket money looking after people’s pets. There might be professors and other staff on campus who are just too busy to take Frido on his weekly walks. Dog walking and pet sitting can actually be quite lucrative if you find an upscale client. If you’re an animal lover, spending time with pets is also a bonus.

Participate in a Research Study

As it turns out, being a lab rat can actually be quite lucrative. If you are willing to participate in one of the many research studies often conducted at universities, you can earn between $20 and $1,000 per session. The money researchers pay for their subjects vary, of course. You earn more with risk. If you are willing to become a guinea pig with rights, this might actually be a better choice than working at a demanding part-time job.

Consider the above job positions to earn a few extra dollars than what you would working on campus. Online work can be more lucrative because there are no travel expenses associated as well.

Author: Justin Weinger

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