Published On: Mon, Jan 22nd, 2018

Best Gym Tips for Female Beginners

Women’s Health: Gym Tips for Beginners

When you go to join a gym, there are usually a few things that no one tells you to expect, and for beginners that can be off putting. Which is a real shame, because if you are serious about getting fitter and improving your health, there is nowhere that will help you achieve this like the gym. Now, the best gyms (visit here to find a close gym with Pay As U Gym) will offer excellent induction classes, but for some women even these come too late. The misconceptions that can start even before you walk through the door can really put people off.

To hopefully alleviate that then, here are some tips that we wish we knew before we all joined a gym for the first time!

photo/ Steve Buissinne

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

One of the first things many women notice when they set foot in the gym for the first time is the amount of mirrors – they often seem to cover near enough every wall! This can lead to huge anxiety right off the bat, especially in our image conscious society that trains us that we are always being observed – and judged. Strangely enough though, the gym is one of the few places where the normal rules don’t apply. The mirrors here are not for checking out make up or clothes – they are to help check form.

In other words, when people are lifting weights, the mirrors are to help them watch themselves and make sure they are doing the exercises correctly.

It’s Not a Fashion Show

This point dovetails nicely with the one above about the mirrors, and it’s one I wish I had learnt earlier. Most people at the gym don’t give two figs what you look like. If you want to do you routine in an old pair of sweats and a baggy T-Shirt, go right ahead. Now – the one caveat to this is that yes, sometimes guys – and maybe even girls – might check you out. If they do, they are obviously not concentrating on their own routines very well!

By and large though, gym membership is expensive and everyone is giving up their free time to be there. So to that end, they are there to work out and get out – not to chat people up.

Stretch It Out!

Always, always; always take time to stretch and get your blood pumping before you throw yourself into an exercise or a class. Again, during your introduction you can ask to be shown some good stretches, and failing that there a multitude of guides on line, you can even watch videos on YouTube that walk you through it step by step. Once you know how to do it, don’t skip it, even if you are pressed for time – you’ll regret it in the morning!

Talk if You Like – or Don’t

If you want to throw on some headphones and power through your workout routine, no one will bat an eye. Or, if you have any questions or need help, feel free to ask. You’ll find most people are pretty friendlily, and happy to chat about exercise stuff. For most people who hit up the gym regularly, it’s pretty much their hobby – and who doesn’t like talking about their hobbies?

Author: Alex Carrillo


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