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Benefits of medical transcription services while using EMR

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is simply the electronic or digital format, of paper charts which have always been used in a doctor’s clinic. New rules and regulations are now forcing all physicians to adopt this new method. The EMR system facilitates management of medical records, information collection, physician comment, treatment plans, lab test results, etc. The concept behind the EMR system is to help the doctor have complete, accurate and convenient access to patient data so that the doctors can make timely decision about a patient’s treatment and also improve overall quality of healthcare.

EMR usage by physicians very gradual

EMR system on one hand work towards easing the process of retrieving information, and has many benefit of providing accessible, legible, shareable clinical documentation in comparison to easily damaged or lost, and very often impossible to read, paper records. On the other hand, despite these benefits as well as the pressures of Meaningful Use, the usage of EMR by physicians is still picking up very gradually. This is because many do not have the time to learn or fill in the data into their systems. Some complain that the design does not fit their workflow, etc.  

Added to this most medical institutions require the physicians to directly document the data into the structured fields of the EHR (Electronic Health Record) or EMR, which is transferring the total burden of documentation onto the shoulders of the most critical person of the organization the physician. However physicians short of time tend to adopt short cuts to get the work done faster, and also are not able to appropriately use all the systems benefits.

photo/ Gerd Altmann via pixabay

photo/ Gerd Altmann via pixabay

Solution – Medical Transcription Services

To be able to use the EMR system at its full potential, you can consider getting transcription services. Either you could get staff in-house or even choose to outsource from well known transcription companies. For instance companies like Eyered which is well known to add value to the clinical documentation workflow, with their efficient and cost effective transcription services. So even though the EMR can help automate medical data recording system, it still needs medical transcription services, as the doctors need to concentrate on their core activities of patient care.

Here is how medical transcription services can assist you while using EMR.

Better usage of your time: physicians may end up spending long hours documenting patient’ medical records.  A certified transcriptionist will take considerably much lesser time to document the data, this being their core activity. Also as they would solely be concentrating on accuracy and error- free reports, you can rest assured and make use of your time more efficiently in patient care.

Blends easily with the EMR: the process of transcription actually easily integrates with the EMR and the transcriptionists well versed with the knowledge of different types of EMR can easily help integrate the data into the physicians EMR system. Some with their extensive knowledge due to working with various systems can even advise few physicians on the right type of EMR best suited for their specialty. Transcription-integrated EMR helps you completely focus more on patient care and clinical activities, without worrying about time consuming tedious data entry tasks, which can easily be handled by certified transcriptionists.

High level of accuracy: when you are tending to a patient your full attention needs to be on them in order to provide the best care possible. However constantly requiring to document lengthy medical notes into the EMR, could result in not only affecting patient care, but also more errors. However getting accurate transcription services will help improve the quality of your clinical documents, as the transcriptionist will be able to by immediately identify any possible errors in the clinical documents and prevent any errors in the first stage itself.

Increased efficiency: transcriptionists are working on only converting dictation to medical records, and being solely engrossed in this field of work makes them highly efficient. Also since this is their specialty they would be extra careful to provide highly accurate data at quicker turnaround time, which largely helps in improving processes and productivity of your clinic.

Better revenues: if you spend your valuable time on completing clinical documentation, then it could affect the number of patients you will see per day, which will of course also impact on the revenue of your clinic. On the other hand getting a cost effective transcription service will not only, help in not affecting the number of patients you see per day, but can also help you have time to attend to more patients. Also the faster turnaround time will improve the billing cycle, resulting in an overall win-win situation and much better revenue.

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  1. Saince Inc says:

    EMR is Electronic Medical Records solution which is used to keep medical records online, share medical records online and has benefits like 1. ability to quickly transfer patient data from one department to the next is a huge asset 2.Advanced e-Prescribing and clinical documentation capabilities 3.An improved bottom line of the healthcare practice, enhanced through the ability to more accurately and efficiently process patient billing etc. Using EMR with transcription will Saves time by reducing time consuming data entry/editing, Ease of use due to familiarity,Create more complete and meaningful notes, easier to keep and transferring the dictation files etc..

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