Published On: Wed, Jun 27th, 2018

Benefits of Hiring an Integrator to Install Your Home Cinema in Dubai

The new state-of-the-art home theater systems are quite complicated, to set up these systems, specialized knowledge is required. There are many features and aspects that need to be considered for the best results. The set-up has to be flawless. In fact, the choice to remodel a space to accommodate this system or during the construction of a new home will require the involvement of a technology expert from the beginning of the project to ensure that everything is done to accommodate the type of home theater you wish to install. Fortunately, there is such as service in Dubai, so you do not need to search further. The certified integrator – Custom Controls in Dubai will help you handle the entire project from start to finish.

Why is the role of an integrator so important? The following reasons will highlight the reasons you need to hire a professional audio and video expert to help you get the perfect home entertainment system, and you will understand why this is the right time to get your system installed.

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Smart home experts are experienced and reliable

The essence of using a good company to handle the installation of your home theater is to ensure that a complete and flawless synchronization is achieved to connect all the features of the system. For example, the lights, shades, video streaming functions, networking and multi-room music should work together without any conflicting functions. The job of an integrator is to create a standard interface which allows you to control the entire system by using a simple gadget such as an iPad which eliminates the use of multiple remote control units which can be quite clumsy. From one control platform, a single touch can be used to schedule the movies or music you wish to play.

Using expert services can save you money

Engaging the services of an integrator at the beginning of your project can reduce overall costs and prevent delays during the project. With expert advice, you can make better decisions, and the architects will use their experience to deliver exactly what you need for the design of your home theater. Experts in this field are also familiar with the latest technology which they use to serve clients better.

Find a design that suits your lifestyle

An integrator will help you research more brands and features that suit your lifestyle. After describing what you need to be done, the integrator will use your ideas to make selections according to your preferences. It is such a thrill to see your ideas become a reality in your home; customer satisfaction is the top priority of an integrator. While handling your jobs, we will use our extensive technical expertise and innovative equipment to create and install the designs you desire.

Getting upgrades is easy

It is important to use an integrator who makes provisions for easy upgrades in the future. Due to the rapid changes in technology, it is likely that in a few years you will be anxious to upgrade your system. This is a complicated task for the owners of these systems, but an integrator will find it easy to upgrade the system. It is important to obtain documentation of the home theater system you have installed. This report indicates the equipments and parts that make up your system. In the case of an upgrade, the different parts will be checked to know if the newer versions are available to be installed. Documentation also helps in calculating your home theater to the value of your home if you choose to sell in future.

Using the services of an integrator makes the whole process so much easier. You can save time, money and get the best job done.

Author: Maria Andreas

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