Published On: Thu, Jan 16th, 2020

Benefits An Adult Can Get From Going Back to College

Last year I decided that it was time for a career change and I really wanted to launch an online business. In order to do that I knew that I had to update my education, especially as I had been out of the education system for over 15 years! After reading the Nine University review, which teaches its students how to launch an Amazon FBA business, I knew that this was the right place for me. Since then I have spoken to so many adults who have also gone back to education, for a number of reasons, and everyone talked about how it was one of the bets decisions that they had made. If you fancy going back to education as an adult but you aren’t sure, here are just some of the benefits which you can count on. 

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Meeting People

It is fair to say that when you get older, it becomes far more difficult to meet people and to make new friends. Now some people are happy with the friendship circle they have and that is fine, but many others like the idea of building and forming new relationships and friendships. When you go back to college you are spending time with like-minded individuals who have shared interests, and that makes getting to know them a whole lot easier. 

Staying Younger 

The more that you use the brain the healthier it is, much like a muscle. When you push and challenge your brain, you begin to open up new connections and pathways which keep the brain flexible and supple, and most importantly firing on all cylinders. When older people suffer from ailments like dementia or Alzheimer’s, it is often as the result of a lack of brain exercise in their later years. Science has proven that going back to education is a great way of staying fresher and younger in the mind. 

Career Change

I can attest to just how good education can benefit you when you are looking for a career change. If you are unhappy in your career it is easy to feel as though you have already made your life decision and that there is no way backwards, but this just isn’t the case. If you go back to education as an adult then you can learn something new which you can then take into a new career and a new industry. 


Both my own experience and that of other people who I have spoken to is that going back to education is super exciting. When you are young you know that you have to go to school or college which can make it frustrating for some, when you do it on your own terms however it becomes a really fun and interesting thing to do which really excites. 

Don’t worry about your age or whether or not education is right for you, give it a go and I have no doubt that you too will be able to count on these benefits.

Author: James Daniel

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