Published On: Fri, Sep 15th, 2017

Becoming a Prince2 practitioner: the associated benefits

You might be a newbie in the world of project management, or you might be a professional management expert working for several years – whatever the case might be, qualifying in the right training and examinations and becoming a Prince2 practitioner can actually open a lot of doors for you in terms of giving your career a considerable boost. You might think that this statement is an over exaggeration, but trust us when we say that PRINCE2 is the ultimate solution for you if you want a golden career for yourself.

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Let us now look at why you should definitely go for PRINCE2 training. Read on to find out more.

The reasons to keep in mind

  • Being at par with industry standards – PRINCE2 is a credible and acceptable option for anyone who wants to work as a project manager. The training regime, course curriculum and certification are all recognised globally, and are endorsed by all governments around the world when it comes to setting the standards for professional project management. PRINCE2 is considered to be one of the most important benchmarks for hiring project managers in any industry, and is a vital qualification employers look for when hiring candidates.
  • Better employability level or rate – It has become somewhat of a tradition for companies and recruiters to hire PRINCE2-qualified project managers almost on a regular basis. The entire course curriculum of PRINCE2 is structured in such a way that both experienced as well as novice project managers can hone their knowledge and skills, and complete the training to become a qualified PRINCE2 practitioner and work as a project manager or administrator with a reputed brand. The day you qualify in the examinations, you can call yourself a qualified project management professional and apply for your desired job roles.
  • Instant boost to qualifications – PRINCE2 certification normally has three qualifying levels, which are quite easy to complete. The PRINCE2 Foundation level requires you to study for 20 to 50 hours, followed by a few days of preparation for Practitioner and a similar duration for Professional levels respectively. Each and every topic or chapter in the training curriculum or levels is designed to give a healthy boost to your skill and knowledge, as well as your qualification as a project manager.
  • Improved pay scale – Whatever job role you might choose, always keep it in mind that if you are PRINCE2 qualified, your pay scale would surely be an improved one, especially when compared to your previous salary package. Once you complete your training and earn your certifications, you can earn well up to GBP 50000 or USD 65000. Hence, even if you feel tired and stressed out with all the hard work that needs to be done, simply think about the lucrative salary packages and fight on towards a glorious career.
  • Global career opportunities – Since PRINCE2 certification, at any level, is respected and recognised all over the world, the number of career opportunities that you will be presented with, that too on a global scale, are surely going to “blow your mind”. PRINCE2 qualification gives you a chance to hone your skills, as well as grow your career into something quite spectacular. If you have ever had the desire to travel to a foreign location and work there, PRINCE2 is the best option you have.
  • Successful management of projects – There are quite a few factors that decide the successful completion of a project. The prime factors that play a vital role are staying within the budget, delivering a decent level of quality and delivering on time. When a project manager undergoes PRINCE2 training, he or she learns of a particular structure that helps to keep all the above mentioned factors in mind, and proceed with the project accordingly. Also, the entire curriculum of PRINCE2 is quite flexible, and can be tailor-made to fit the professional needs of each and every project management.


When employers look for PRINCE2 qualified candidates, they are making the safe choice. PRINCE2 qualified candidates are always the safe bet when it comes to hiring skilled project managers for successful completion of projects. So give yourself a competitive edge and become PRINCE2 qualified.

Author: Nidhi Mahajan

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