Published On: Tue, Jan 8th, 2019

Bathroom Renovations and A Good Plumber

Are you planning to renovate your bathroom? A bathroom renovation is not an easy and straightforward job, and is certainly not something for a home handyman. It needs plenty of planning and considerations.

Start by consulting all family members as they will also be using this common area on a daily basis. What do they love and hate about the current bathroom? What is on their wish list for the new bathroom?

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Once you have your ideas and style in mind you’ll need to look for the right plumbing contractor. Always go with experienced plumbers from your local area. If you live on the Sunshine Coast, you’ll need to choose a plumbing contractor for Sunshine Coast bathroom renovations as they will have the best local knowledge for sourcing fixtures and fittings at the best possible prices. The same principal works for plumbing maintenance problems. If you are located in Brisbane, you need to find a local Brisbane Plumber, as they will have the fastest response times.

Expectations from your plumbing contractor:

Experienced Plumber

An experienced plumber will have successfully completed many bathroom renovations, and can give you advise on the layout, style and fittings for your new bathroom. There may be things you haven’t thought of, such as hanging space for towels, and ideas for using a small space most efficiently. Talk to your plumber and ask for their input before you start.

Replacing Pipes

If the existing pipe work is in good condition then you won’t need invest money in buying and installing new pipes. This can certainly save some money towards the overall renovation cost; however, the discretion should be with the plumber to decide whether it is possible to use existing pipes. He should have sufficient experience to evaluate the life of the pipes.

Reusing Old Pipes

If your old pipes are galvanized pipes then there is every chance that they are full of rust. Working with rusty pipes and fitting with new fixtures can really be a tough job. It can also shorten the life of your new fittings as the rust and minerals will built up in shower heads and taps. The plumber that you choose must be skilled at assessing pipe structure.

Test Pipelines

Your plumbing contractor must be able to pressure test existing pipelines after installing them in your new bathroom. This assures that the existing pipeline will not cause any problems in the future, such as leaks. Your plumber must have sufficient foresight to determine whether the work done will pass the test of time.


You may be thinking that certain fixtures that are installed in your bathroom are perfectly fine. However, in countries like Australia the government has enforced new standards that ensure all fittings pass safety standards. Many people purchase cheap fittings over the internet, not realising the fittings are made with a high lead content. Water that passes through these fittings are releasing the lead into the water you brush your teeth and shower with. It is for this reason the Australian government has introduced these new standards, and by law a licensed plumber cannot install fittings that do not have the safety stamp of approval. This is another reason why you should hire an experienced and reputable plumbing contractor to undertake your bathroom renovation.


photo courtesy of aboveallbathrooms

The two keys to a successful bathroom renovation are good planning and a good plumber.

Author: Kristy Bryan

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