Published On: Thu, Dec 4th, 2014

Atheists roll out anti-church billboards with ‘skip church’ message

The annual atheist attack on Christmas and Christianity is underway, this time beginning in Milwaukee. American Atheists posted a “Dear Santa” message on billboards mocking the church, upsetting Christians – check it out below.

“The message is ironic and it’s sarcastic and it’s clever,” said Rob Moore from Southeast Wisconsin Free Thinkers, a local atheist organization that partially funded the billboard seen near 14th and St. Paul in Milwaukee.

“Atheist simply means a lack of belief of any supreme being. No supernatural deity,” said Moore.

The message on the billboard reads as follows:

“Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is to skip church. I’m too old for fairy tales.”

Atheists have posted billboards which upset Christians over attending church during Christmas

Atheists have posted billboards which upset Christians over attending church during Christmas

“People who believe are going to believe. We are aiming this at people who don’t believe but are under pressure from their families to involve themselves in religious traditions every year that they don’t necessarily agree with but are scared to come out,” said Moore.

“If you are taking out a billboard that deals with God – whether it is the negation of God or the existence of God – the fact that it is about God … that makes you a religion,” Lisa Kennedy Montgomery said on Fox News’ Outnumbered.

“Why be intolerant and mean if you want to woo people to your side?” Andrea Tantaros then asked.

“Why would you mock a little child during Christmas? Not the smartest marketing strategy,” she said.

“Those who are believers will take a look at it and say it’s a pity that someone has to take a stance like this,” said Listecki. “I wonder why so much energy is put into that billboard. It would have been nicer if the organization maybe put more time and effort into maybe collecting gifts for the needy at that time then to spend it on a billboard.”

The atheist group, along with similar groups, targets Christmas, Christianity and religious freedoms on billboards across the country. In a similar campaign, the 2012 “Keep the Merry and Dump the Myth” billboard targeted Christians and created some controversy as well.


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