Published On: Thu, Jul 17th, 2014

Anna Paquin talks ‘True Blood’ season 7, will Sookie die and nude scenes

Award-winning True Blood star Anna Paquin sits down with Larry King on his Emmy-nominated Larry King Now internet talk show to discuss the final season of HBO’s True Blood and what’s in store for her character, Sookie Stackhouse.

sookie-true-blood-faery anna paquinPaquin’s Larry King Now episode airs on Monday, July 21st as the first episode of Season 3.

King asked Anna Paquin if more of True Blood principal characters will be killed off in the season finale – and Anna admitted (spoiler) that many more will be killed:
ANNA PAQUIN: I mean, True Blood has a high body count, so you know we like to kill people. That’s how we keep it interesting. Especially people who the audience actually cares about because sometimes—in previous years, there’s been times where we’re killing a lot of people, but they’re not people the audience are invested in. So, you know if it doesn’t make us sad, it’s probably not going to make the audience sad.
LARRY KING: Your showrunner, Brian Buckner, said though, and this is his direct quote, “Heads are going to roll.”
LARRY KING: Can we say this? A lot more.

The subject turns to the show’s nudity.

LARRY KING: You have to be nude? Are there a lot of sex scenes?
ANNA PAQUIN: Yeah, I mean, we just do so much of it on the show that it’s kind of become relatively mundane. I mean that in the best possible way. I mean it’ll be, sort of, four or five in the morning, we’re out in the middle of, I don’t know, some cemetery, or woods, or something, I mean it does become rather technical, you know…

Check out the clips below.

Season 3 of Larry King Now premieres on July 21st – upcoming guess include:

Monday 7/21 – Anna Paquin
Tuesday 7/22 – Chrissy Teigan
Wednesday 7/23 – Albert Pujoles
Thursday 7/24 – Craig Ferguson

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