Published On: Fri, Nov 1st, 2019

Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Saliva

The saliva is an underrated body fluid that is becoming an increasingly important tool for diagnosis, research, as well as health. When saliva comes to mind, most of us think of it as just a body fluid that aids mastication and digestion, but it has other duties.

According to research conducted on saliva using elisa kits, it contains useful information that can easily be collected as well as analyzed. Saliva is capable of combating disease and also contains human biology as well as genetics.

  • Saliva Can Help Detect Heart Disease

The testing for heart disease using blood samples requires a hospital visit, and it requires the use of a syringe, which can sometimes be painful, and the time needed to diagnose a heart disease via blood samples can take a while to complete.

A recent study has shown that saliva test should replace the conventional blood test in diagnosing heart disease. This study revealed that saliva possesses the same protein, which is the C-reactive protein, whose presence in blood at high levels indicates the risk of possible heart disease. That means saliva is capable of telling how healthy an individual is.


  • Useful In Detecting Stress

Stress causes the production of saliva, rush of adrenaline, as well as an increased heartbeat. During this situation, the salivary gland fills the mouth with an enzyme known as salivary Alpha-Amylase (SAA), this serves to indicate that you’re stressed up.

The health of the fetus stands at risk if the pregnant woman experiences a level of stress and emotional trauma. The impact of a mother’s stress on her fetus can now be gauged by keeping an eye or monitoring SAA levels in her saliva.

  • Building Resistance To Disease 

Back in the days, it was a common practice to pre-chew adult food before feeding it to the infants, maybe because their teeth aren’t strong enough to masticate. The wonder about this is that, as the adult pre-chew the food before feeding it to the infants, the infants are exposed to some traces of disease-causing pathogens present in the mother’s saliva.

The production of antibodies is thereby stimulated, and the infants’ immune system is developed to counter these pathogens in the future. Autoimmune diseases like asthma can also be prevented. Research has shown that these autoimmune infections occur due to the child’s in-exposure to the pathogen at two years old.

  • Useful In Genetics

The saliva contains genetic blueprints, and research has shown that it is useful to work with compared to DNA extracted via other methods. Another research has shown that to get a reasonable sample of DNA from saliva, one-half of an eyedropper is all that is required.

The saliva samples can be frozen and then thawed as many times as required.

Wrapping It Up

There are many other amazing things scientists are going to discover regarding the importance of saliva to our world and how it can promote our health. As insignificant as you may think it is, it is one of the most important body fluids.

Author: Snow Qu

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