Published On: Thu, Aug 8th, 2013

AIDS Healthcare Foundation calls for investigation of ‘blogger-reported’ syphilis case, Free Speech Coalition says adult performer is negative for the STD

Days after adult film industry blogger, Mike South reported that a male porn performer tested positive for syphilis  and possibly exposed over a dozen others, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) is calling on the County of Los Angeles to fully investigate this case.

 Xehpuk at the German Wikipedia project

Xehpuk at the German Wikipedia project

AHF officials say that the reported case of syphilis and potential subsequent outbreak could have been prevented if L.A. County health officials had enforced Measure B.

“We are calling on County health officials to fully investigate this latest syphilis case and possible outbreak in the adult film industry, a situation we believe could have been prevented if County officials had even bothered to enforce Measure B after it was passed by a clear majority of County voters last fall,” said Michael Weinstein, President of AIDS Healthcare Foundation and one of the five citizen proponents of Measure B. “Information about this current case comes from an extremely reliable industry source. And while we hope this is a limited situation that results in no additional infections, we are also calling on the County to immediately step up and enforce the provisions and requirements of Measure B.”

However, the Free Speech Coalition says wait a minute.

On Tuesday, the FSC released the following statement: “FSC wishes to address rumors of a syphilis ‘outbreak’ in the adult industry. A performer tested positive for syphilis on one type of test and negative on another, and we are awaiting the results of definitive confirmatory tests.”

They continued by saying, only if and when a positive confirmation is received, FSC will follow the notification protocols already in place.

Today the trade association of the adult entertainment industry in the United States says the AHF got it wrong. They report that results from two separate confirmatory tests, conducted by the original testing facility for the performer in question show that the patient is negative for syphilis.

They say that physicians ensured that APHSS (Adult Performer Health and Safety Services) medical protocols were followed.

APHSS industry protocols dictate that testing facilities utilize the TrepSure test a highly sensitive and specific test for syphilis – far more sensitive than a standard syphilis test.  The result is, from time to time, the test will indicate a positive for syphilis when in fact the patient is negative, which is why APHHS protocols dictate that confirmatory tests are required with a positive TrepSure.

“Unlike AHF, we choose to get our information from medical professionals rather than from the gossip or conjecture of bloggers,” said Diane Duke, FSC’s Chief Executive Officer.  “Unfortunately AHF has gone on another witch hunt trying to cause a media frenzy by suggesting an ‘outbreak’ when the performer in question has tested negative. Patient privacy and respect are of utmost importance to us and we encourage responsible reporting rather than the spread of misinformation by rumor mill opportunists who may take this situation as prospect for media attention.”


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