Published On: Tue, Feb 14th, 2017

Abortionist Willie Parker discusses killing ‘human entity’ aborting ‘black babies’ and slavery

Abortion doctor Willie J. Parker is out promoting his new book, Life’s Work, and explaining his career decision to become a full time abortionist. Parker talks about his “spiritual” journey to rationalize away God, his faith and determine that he’s not killing a life.

“Life is a process, not an event. If I thought I was killing a person, I wouldn’t do abortions. A fetus is not a person; it’s a human entity. In the moral scheme of things, I don’t hold fetal life and the life of a woman equally. I value them both, but in the precedence of things, when a woman comes to me, I find myself unable to demote her aspirations because of the aspirations that someone else has for the fetus that she’s carrying.”

photo Kabilan Subramanian

The New York Times interviewer, Ana Marie Cox, asks a shocking racist question prompting an even more disturbing racist answer.

Why do you think that elite white women and the sacralization of motherhood has done some of the most serious damage to abortion access? When women acquiesce to a role determined primarily by their biology of reproduction — even if it’s unconsciously — they judge each other for rejecting that primary identity. So if you think that the most essential role for a woman is to procreate, and humanity doesn’t go on unless you do that, then anything to interrupt that process is to be counterintuitive or immoral. The biggest insult is the notion that there’s such a thing as a black genocide, as if the people who care about abortion really care about black women and black babies.

The underlining the theme here is the history of abortion, specifically Margaret Sanger, who co-founded Planned Parenthood and believed in aborting black babies.

Likening the topic to slavery was the next shocking turn: Tell me about the connection between your heritage as a descendant of slaves and the idea that abortion is ultimately about ownership of a body. People often struggle with why, as a man, I am deeply committed to feminism, reproductive justice and gender equality. I come from a heritage of people who know what it’s like to have your life controlled by somebody else. What’s most proximate to that reality right now is the direct control of women’s bodies and their reproduction, because if you don’t control your reproduction, you don’t control anything else about your life.

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  1. Al Henneberry says:

    You are taking ownership of the tiny black baby who wants to live, but you want aborted, Where are her rights?

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