Published On: Thu, Apr 18th, 2013

Abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell case reveals clinic full of bloody records, transmission of STDs and babies ‘screeching’ before death

The horrific court case of abortion doctor, Dr. Kermit Gosnell, continues, with testimony on Wednesday and Thursday offering up additional allegations that could shocked court attendees.

kermit-gosnellPatient files stained with blood, allegations that women would purportedly contract sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs) after clinic procedures and numerous babies reportedly breathed, squirmed and screeched before being murdered.

On Wednesday, during court proceedings, two individuals testified: a former patient and a woman who worked for Gosnell at the Women’s Medical Society.

The first witness, Mary Kincade, was a patient who spent nearly a decade going to the office.

While she had never sought an abortion there, she regularly saw Eileen O’Neill, a doctor at the clinic who was never licensed in Pennsylvania. LifeNews.com reports Kincade said she never saw Gosnell at the clinic when she visited for yearly well-woman check-ups.

O’Neill brought into question the lack of bookkeeping and records for co-payments.

Lewis, who was arrested on drug charges relating to events at the clinic, worked for Gosnell for around 10 years. She previously pled guilty to running a pill mill and is awaiting sentencing. (Part of the evidence which brought the horrors of the clinic to light)

LifeNews reports from the courtroom:

Lewis indicated that Gosnell’s equipment was outdated and never inspected, and that he often reused disposable curettes, which is the sharp-ended tube that enters the womb in abortion procedures and applies suction for the removal of the pre-born baby and other tissues and fluids.

Lewis testified that the curettes were washed, dried and placed in an antiseptic solution, then reused. The curettes are meant to be disposable and for single use only. She indicated that she noticed that women who had abortions using the reused curettes began returning to the clinic suffering from sexually transmitted diseases.

Earlier testimony indicated that plastic curettes are more porous than metal surgical instruments and simply cannot be adequately cleaned for reuse.

Reportedly blood-stained (and allegedly odorous) medical files that were seized from the Women’s Medical Society and Gosnell allegedly wrote “24.5 weeks” in some patient records, regardless of the age of the unborn baby viewed on ultrasounds, the News Journal reports.

One former employee, Steven Massof, previously testified that he had seen scores of babies born alive who had their necks “snipped” by Gosnell to ensure their demise. Massof, who said he aided with abortions, said that during busy stretches, women given labor-inducing drugs would give birth so regularly that “it would rain fetuses.”

Another former employee, Lynda Williams, previously told the court that some women, heavily dosed on Cytotec and other drugs, aborted spontaneously in the clinic waiting room.

Last week, a woman named Ashley Baldwin testified about having an internship at Gosnell’s clinic as a 15-year-old high school sophomore interested in medicine. She began by answering phones and doing other administrative tasks and eventually assisted him in performing abortions. She told jurors she recalled seeing various babies squirming, breathing and in one instance “screeching” after late-term abortions.

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