Published On: Mon, Jul 22nd, 2019

A single PSN Gift Card to rule them all!

Keep calm and play on

Summer is the time to relax, dust off the old (but never forgotten) games and beat that pesky final boss blocking your path towards 100% completion. But then… Well, that’s when issues start to pop up. The time and good mood are still there, but there’s a chance you have already ran out of the great things to discover or beat to a pulp. However, it doesn’t have to be an impenetrable big wall keeping you from enjoying yourself.

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The simplest of solutions would be to grab PlayStation Network Gift Card and go nuts! Not only do you get a bang for your buck – quite literally in some cases, depending on which game you pick – but there’s a chance to invest in the future, just in case you are waiting for that one big thing to cross your path. And if the idea of a gift card seems foreign, let the introduction begin.

The short introduction

Basically, PlayStation Network Gift Card is the ultimate ticket to the best PSN (PlayStation Network) experience. It is not restricted to the games either; anything and everything that requires additional fee within the Network’s store can be covered by the gift card. Games, movies and all things that have a price tag are within your reach. And, unlike the name might suggest, PlayStation Network Gift Card can both be used by the buyer or, of course, given to someone else. Once acquired, it is yours to command!

One of the things that might sour this purchase is the obvious element of the price. Games, especially the new ones, are not the cheapest. But PlayStation Network Gift Card has you covered! The price of the gift card is lesser than the actual sum you’ll get in your PSN account, which means you save up some of your hard-earned cash with each purchase. Just think, with the same spending budget, you may be able to get your hands on a AAA you’ve always wanted, and there may be some cash left for a relaxing indie game as well.

Easy to use

Now that we covered the basic benefits of the card, let us shift the focus towards the actual application. PlayStation Network Gift Card is activated via the code, simply enter the digits and you will be able to splurge on anything that catches your eye. Not only that, but the card itself won’t expire, no matter how long you have it in your possession; therefore, you can wait for that upcoming release in your favourite franchise or, if the mood strikes, you can gift it to your friend so they could get that MMO you both like – nothing beats the feeling of running around in a group and wreaking havoc or saving people!

Once bought, PlayStation Network Gift Card is the gateway to a variety of entertainment mediums. You pay a fee to acquire it and then spend a slightly (or sometimes significantly) larger amount on anything you want. You may even get a chance to play around with some good deals: buy PlayStation Network Gift Card while it’s available for a certain amount, and then flaunt it in front of others like a master-player you are, when the same card leaves the market or is replaced.  

Not just direct sale

Additionally, the PlayStation Network Gift Card doesn’t just have to be a one-way ticket to the store. If you want to experience something slightly different, get the card that will allow you to see PlayStation Plus up close and personal. This option boosts your account to the premium levels for the duration of your subscription. You will get to experience betas for various games, as well as have the access to the in-store deal. And here comes the fun part! Should you combine the PlayStation Network Gift Card with the PS Plus membership, you will get the ultimate fusion (in a true Yu-Gi-Oh! fashion) of two great investments, making it a deal you cannot pass up. 

To put it bluntly, the PSN gives its users all the possibilities to be crafty and ingenious with their money and spending. Do you want to save up on some good games? You can! Maybe there’s a movie that caught your eye? There’s a card for that too! Looking for the perfect gift for the gamer friend who lost his head chasing after the newest trends? Well, look no further and acquire one (or more) today!

 Author: Benas Rukavisnikovas

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