Published On: Fri, Aug 31st, 2018

A Simple Way To Block Spam Bots

Online protection is on the agenda nowadays. More and more website owners wonder how it is possible for them to protect themselves and their clients from spam comments, ads, and dangerous bots’ influence. It’s a known fact spam bots send fake traffic, slows load time and lead to the lower website rating. Being unable to block bots by themselves, thousands of people take advantage of special programs and apply for help to services which give them a chance to finally protect their website against fake comments and feel safer online.

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Fighting With Spam

Hackers often try to gain access to your website and use it for sending spam emails, getting other users’ data and cyber attacking them. If you want to protect your site from malware and spam bots, then spam IP lookup will definitely be a catch for you helping you easily reach your goal. Taking advantage of such service, you become able to not only stop spam registrations, polls, and orders but also block comments by “stop word”, block users by country and use diverse spam filters for protection.

Special service will let you block peculiar IP and email address, reduce the load on a server and check existing comments for spam comments as well as protect your site against HTTP/HTTPS DDoS attacks, filter spambots with as lower positive rate as possible, monitor the service work and repost all the possible inconveniences.

Spam And Its Types

Are there many types of spam? Which type is the most dangerous one? How can you safeguard yourself when surfing the web?

It’s not surprising people are willing to protect themselves when going online. In this regard, it’s worth being aware of some types of spam in order to detect them in a few seconds. Some of the most widespread types are:

  1. Health spam. Given type harms people who fall for skin care, posture improvement, weight loss, cures for baldness, dietary supplements ads.
  2. Political spam. This type is highly popular at elections. Numerous emails are usually sent to users from political campaigns in order to remind them about the elections and win them over to cause. However, it is also possible to receive emails from extremists and possible terrorists who slander and campaign for a certain candidate.
  3. Adult content spam. This type usually harms people who visit pornography sites and those who are willing to buy products designed to increase or enhance sexual potency.
  4. IT spam. Such type is known for offering the users low-priced software or any other products.

More and more users from across the world are caught in a cheat’s net due to spam emails they receive or spam ads they click at. It’s worth being aware of all the possible spam types and the way to fight them in order to feel free and safe going online.

When it comes to creating own website, it’s essential to use of a special protection service which will protect your clients and you making it impossible for bots to do harm in any possible way.

Author: Hillary Walker

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  1. Andrew Cole says:

    All the four types of mentioned spam is successfully blocked by my Spamdrain account. It’s not free but definitely worth the money.

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