Published On: Fri, Nov 24th, 2017

A Look at the Latest Broadband News

Broadband technology has come a long way in recent years and this frenetic pace shows no signs of slowing down. Not only do consumers have more choices than ever before, but some of the deals to be encountered are truly amazing. Let us look at the latest round-up of broadband news as well as a handful of worthwhile options to consider between now and the holiday season.


All About Black Friday

Consumers are able to obtain numerous money-saving deals during Black Friday. Broadband providers within the United Kingdom have decreased their rates and many are offering a host of rebates and cash-back offers. However, it seems as if one company has taken the idea of saving money to an entirely new level.

Origin Broadband is offering a ten-day window which allows new customers to obtain unlimited Internet for one year at a price of only £11.67 pounds per month. This is a full seven pounds cheaper than the lowest rates on the market today (1).

Although there is still an up-front payment of £139.99 pounds, this bargain certainly deserves a closer look. Other providers such as O2 and Sky are likewise leveraging their promotions during the next few days, so consumers should keep an eye out for similar packages.

Not all Providers are Created Equally

One of the pervasive myths associated with broadband usage is that prices should remain within certain set confines. Although it is a well-known fact that costs will differ slightly from region to region, some users are paying orders of magnitude more than others. A recent news report from the Irish Times has illustrated that Ireland is one of the most expensive countries in terms of broadband usage (2).

The average monthly price of home-based broadband is a staggering €60.57 euros per month. When this is compared with the cheap deals that Poles can expect to pay, the disparity becomes clear. It is also worth noting that (according to common speed test) many homes and businesses still do not have reliable access to high-speed Internet. As many domestic providers are expected to roll out rate hikes during the 2018 financial year, the Irish are likely to pay even higher fees in the coming months.

Will 5G Technology Become a Reality in 2018?

It seems as if 4G technology was only presented to the general public recently and yet, some developers are claiming that 5G services are said to hit the market in 2018. To be clear, there is no real certainty as to whether or not this observation will come to pass. If it does, it will likely first be seen within the business environment. 5G connectivity promises a greater level of scalability, more security features, a malleable architecture and superior mobile access (3). While cheap deals might not necessarily be a reality at first, consumers will still be provided with a number of options.

Leveraging the Best Deals for 2018 and Beyond

It is clear that broadband is continuing to enjoy an important presence within the life of the average consumer. Still, there is no need for individuals to pay exorbitant rates. Thanks to the sheer variety of competitors on the open market, many savvy buyers are utilising the services offered by Broadband Choices. Objective opinions, detailed overviews of contractual obligations and customer reviews will provide the insight and clarity required to make an informed decision. There is no doubt that this form of communication will impact nearly every aspect of life, so it makes sense to stay ahead of the latest news.

Author: Daniel Quinn

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