Published On: Thu, Nov 22nd, 2018

A Guide on Fusing SEO and PPC Together to Gain Optimal Results

The Real-Time Issue: Should You Combine Both PPC and SEO?

Perhaps the reason why most online marketers face the dilemma when it comes to combining both SEO and PPC is that they have to think of financial limitations in their overall marketing campaign. SEO and PPC marketers are sometimes driven by the thoughts of perceiving the ultimate results of this superior amalgamation. The query of picking only one channel for promoting your website or using the combination of both to increase the sales funnel generally comes down to the budget. However, the SEO professionals including https://webmetrixgroup.com  who are seasoned with both SEO and PPC know that there is no obligation to drive your thoughts based on your marketing budget, as you can benefit from both the campaigns together at the same time on a shoestring budget.

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With that being said, here are some of the smart moves that you need to exercise for combining both SEO and PPC for great results:

Utilizing Long-tail Keywords

Even though the first instinct that comes to the mind of most marketers is an old-fashioned tool when they hear of long-tail keywords, it can still be used for new applications if you pay heed and improvise your strategy. In order to make long-tail keywords the real goldmine for your website promotional campaign, you need to use them to identify the negative keywords. No matter what kind of campaign you are running on your site, acknowledging the negative keywords can help you in building a high-performance PPC campaign altogether. In other words, with a clear impression of the negative keywords, you can ensure that the audience can easily see the ad that you have sponsored.

As a matter of fact, identifying the negative keywords is also great for the user experience, as the user will not be wasting his or her valuable time clicking on irrelevant sources while you will not be paying extra for the unnecessary clicks.

Optimize the PPC Data

Making the most of your PPC data is extremely crucial in order to ensure that your ad campaign is doing well as expected. For this, you will need to pay heed to the ad text that is performing exceptionally well and repurpose this into your content marketing strategy designed for your SEO campaign in order to get the most out of its popularity. For example, you can utilize your best PPC texts in the Meta tags and descriptions of your site. Another great way is to study the course of your highest CTR or click-through rates for content network ads, which will give you a clear idea of the most popular topics. Take these ideas into account for curating amazing topics for blog posts and articles to grab more attention of the readers and drive more organic traffic.

Embrace the Power of Keywords

Leveraging the keyword data from your PPC marketing campaign to forge an innovative and creative SEO plan is although not a new practice, but it is still worth knowing if you are new to the field. PPC ads confer you with a tried and realistic way of testing the various keywords that will help you in identifying the words and phrases that have been already searched by the users and got clicked and converted as well. Such kind of genuine data aids in the simplification of the procedure of building your SEO strategy. Combining PPC and SEO to gain the best results and enhancing your site’s visibility can get even better if you work out on the approach to have them in your initial promotional campaigns.

Focus on Remarketing and Drive the Conversions

Perhaps all your SEO and PPC marketing efforts can go into vain if you are not able to convert the potential leads that you gained through these strategies. This is where remarketing becomes absolutely important to ensure that the lead does not change its mind and returns back to your site for completing the purchase. In order to get your visitors back to your site, trace the goods in which they were interested earlier on, and display the ads of these items that work as a useful reminder for the visitor. This also serves as an excellent way of providing your site with an opportunity to earn more clients. Apart from that, make sure that you are focusing on a great user experience on your site and publishing helpful content for retaining the users on your site and turn more conversions.

Amplify Your Brand with Both SEO and PPC

The versatile nature of the PPC ads enables you to utilize them more than simply marketing products and services for your site. With strategically crafted PPC text and spruced up blog posts, you can go creative in building your brand online. Running PPC ads sends out an invitation to the right people and drives them to your website. Eventually, most people will click on your paid search ads with your brand name becoming familiar to the online user community, boosting your site’s overall visibility. The more exposure your brand earns on the SERPs for high-density and relevant keywords, the greater it will be for the development of your brand.

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