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8 Interesting Things You Need to Know About Personal Injury

Getting hurt, no matter the situation is never something anyone would want to happen in their lifetime. How you react, and how quickly, can be the difference between dealing with the situation on your own and risking losing a job, and getting a settlement that will take care of you and your family in your time of need.

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  1. Law Firm Matters

The law firm that you choose really matters when it comes to personal injury. First off, you want to make sure that the lawyers you are approaching would have expertise in the area. How many years they have had experience in that particular area would be an important thing to note as well. Contacting people who can advocate for you as Atlanta Advocates can really make all the difference.

Note that many personal injury firms will have twenty-four-hour, seven day a week coverage. This makes it easy for you to contact a lawyer immediately after your accident happens so you can get started immediately.

  1. Areas Covered by Personal Injury

There are many different areas that a personal injury law firm would cover such as a car, truck, or motorcycle accidents; DUI victims; dog bites; medical malpractice; slip and fall; workplace accidents; or wrongful death incidents. If you think of most accidents that could happen to you, it probably falls under the realm of personal injury.

When you think about the things that could happen to do daily tasks like driving or doing your job, there are coverages for every type of situation. If something like a traffic accident or workplace accident happens, you would have options to get coverage in the case where you would miss work due to injury.

  1. Statute of Limitations

The statute of Limitations simply means the amount of time you have to bring up a suit in the event that you are going to move forward with a lawsuit against someone or a company. The statute might vary state to state, so again, finding a good personal injury lawyer immediately after your accident is important. If your state or area has a shorter statute of limitations and it takes some time to get any relevant information together for the lawsuit, such as finding witnesses, evidence, or professionals needed to testify, you would not want to wait until the last minute and miss your window of opportunity.

  1. Settlements – Time and Money

The timing for settlements can vary, both due to the statute of limitations as described above, as well as due to how long the actual trial may take.

Money in terms of settlement can be a slippery slope if you choose to opt for a full trial instead of taking a flat rate settlement. If the jury at trial were to not rule in your favour, you may not wind up with anything, versus taking a settlement for the party that injured you at least you would wind up covering any pain and suffering you would have been through.

  1. Timing Can Change Everything

A company may be more willing to make a bigger payment out of court up front in order to not have their name dragged into the news or press. If they have to go to trial, which would cost them money, they might be less willing to put up a large amount of money afterwards. There is also the chance that judge and/or jury wouldn’t rule in the favour of the injured party in which case all the time lost on the trial wasn’t worth the outcome. Of course, the reverse can also pan out and the company could also be ordered to pay a larger sum after all the evidence has been seen in court.

  1. Trials are Tricky

As we discussed in the settlement section, trials can be a bit tricky. Picking a jury is never a sure thing and having a judge rule in your favour isn’t always a sure thing either. Trials can also be delayed for an undetermined amount of time, meanwhile if you are injured and not working, losing that salary or base pay you are used to might be more harmful than taking a settlement out of court.

  1. Causes of Accidents

Many times, the cause of an accident is something so minor that it’s laughable. Someone putting on their makeup and hitting you because they were looking in the mirror instead of focused on driving would be liable to cover any damages or injuries. Distracted driving is a major problem these days with people on the run all the time and trying to multitask by getting ready or eating in the car to save time on the way to work. Using cell phones while driving is another huge distraction that has caused countless injuries and accidents that are completely preventable.

  1. No Money = No Lawyer

Many times, people think that because they don’t have a lot of money to hire or pay for a lawyer up front, that they have no chance of hiring one to advocate for them. This is not always the case. Many firms will review your case free of charge, and if they find that you have enough evidence and enough of a case to pursue, they will take a fee later after they get a settlement for you. This is called a contingent plan and gives lawyers a big motivation to get you the most out of your case as well.

Above all, remember that you aren’t always out of luck after being injured. There are always firms out there willing to help you and get you what you need. Personal injury often means a lot of medical bills piling up, and loss (either temporary or long term) of a job. If you were the primary provider for your family, hiring a personal injury lawyer could help you recoup some of those losses so you don’t have to worry about where the money to pay for the bills or household expenses.

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