Published On: Tue, Feb 12th, 2019

6 Fashion Pieces You Need to Pack for Beach Vacation

Whether you’re renting a house for the week or just enjoying a new destination for the weekend, there are a few things you need to do to prepare. One of them, namely, is packing your clothes. First, planning your wardrobe in advance (the day before everybody else packs) will give you more time to prevent yourself from overpacking. Here are 6 fashion pieces you need to pack for the beach on vacation.

photo/ Roman Bader

  1. Swimwear

Unless you plan on staying indoors the entire journey, swimwear is a necessity. (Even if it never gets wet.) Two to three bikini bottoms and tops, along with a one-piece bathing suit, is really all you need. The key here is to make sure your pieces are interchangeable – this will make them versatile, and never feel like you’re running out of options. Go for bikinis, tankinis, strapless, etc.

  1. Shorts/Pants

Shorts are an absolute must. Let’s face it, sometimes pants are informal that don’t fit the occasion. Rather than just pick one clothing at random, take the type to choose the shorts that are your personal style – except for short-shorts or athletic shorts. They don’t offer a lot of protection like Bermuda shorts or walking shorts do. Go for cotton and linen shorts, they dry quickly when your shorts are worn over your bathing suit.

  1. Beach Tops

So, you can go from beach to shopping in the blink of an eye, cover-ups (beach tops) are an essential item in your journey. They protect you from the sun and cover you up if you don’t want to walk around in a bikini all day. From sarongs, floral sexy dresses, pashmina scarves (very thin, lightweight and versatile), t-shirts or tank tops, tunics, caftans or sundresses – you have a variety to choose from. Just make sure you pack two t-shirts and three t-shirts with two cover-ups. This will give you options to choose from without adding weight to your luggage.

  1. Footwear

Sandals? Flip-flops? Sneakers? There’s a variety of footwear to choose from. The big one here is to not purchase new footwear – you don’t have time to break them in yet. Wear what you are comfortable in that will also let you maneuver freely. Whatever they are, make sure they are athletic – which helps you explore, hike, and trek steep paths. Flat sandals can be worn with bathing suits, dresses and shorts.

  1. Sunscreen

This seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? Skin complexion plays a huge part in fashion. That’s why certain skin tones don’t look good with certain styles. Sunscreen will keep you from being burnt to a crisp, while still getting some color into you so you aren’t pale as paper. Go for those with SPF 30 for most protection without blocking everything out.

  1. Where are You Going?

No beach is alike – and some in the world are far classier than others. If you’re traveling to European countries or the Hamptons, you’ll obviously want to dress up far more than these essentials. For example: in classier parts of the world, wearing denim shorts would be a sin. Cotton or linen shorts would be the more obvious choice here – except, wearing them wouldn’t make much sense at your local beach down the road.


I know it may be tempting to bring more clothes but trust me: less truly is better in this case. Who wants to carry around 30-plus lbs. with them? Optimizing your suitcase by packing less reduces the risk of forgetting something behind when you return.

Author: Himanshu Agarwal

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