Published On: Wed, Nov 22nd, 2017

5 Simple Tips for Styling your Coffee Table

Coffee tables often become the centre piece for some of lazier and non-existent interior design. If it doesn’t become the staging area for miscellaneous items and ‘gifts’ you’ve received it often has the rather drab and uninspiring coffee book of ‘Antiguan Bridge Architecture of Bolivia’. However they are also one of the most versatile and exciting interior design platforms that have the ability to bring you entire room to life. Whatever you decide, ensure it fits with the rest of the room, you don’t want your table decorations to be out of place.

1. Work in Threes
‘The rule of threes’ transcends medium, from comedy to basketball the saying can be helpful advice and interior design is no different. Groupings of three candles or a stack of descending sized books can bring a satisfying resolve to your tabled centre piece. This can work as a sole group of three or three group of threes. Rule of three, isn’t necessarily its own style tip, but rather one that can be applied to any scenario.

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2. Cutting in Quarters
Give your table four distinct quarters that simultaneously bring their own unique feature, while also collating in a symbiotic fashion. The agreement of your arrangement is key, just with any interior styling, single thematic structure is highly important. Dividing your table into four sections can give the table an idiosyncratic quality that elevates the room, but it can also radiate randomness and chaos, so always be cautious when using this styling tip.

3. Use Levels
Most items you place on your table will be roughly 10cm tall or under. This can give the table and sometimes the room, a flat feel. Playing a larger item, like tall flower in a vase in the centre of the table, can seemingly lift the entire room. Or you can use the rules three here, to provide three different distinct levels, giving depth and vibrancy the room.

4. A Single Item
Minimalism as a style is brilliant for providing a clean, open and fluid ethos to your home. However it’s not required for you to have established this style in your house to use it for a coffee table (beware that it’s not out of place, if this style is not established). As Best in Australia describes, a single feature can be extremely catching and often sets the vibe for the whole room. Certain items like chessboards, vases, assorted ornaments provide the perfect staging for a single item table. Also this allows you the rare ability to actually use a coffee table as a table.

5. Work with Parallels
The majority of coffee tables are square or rectangle and this will only work if they are these shapes. Following the lines of the table to create parallels will bring a neat, clean and structured feel to the room. This also has a physiologically calming effect of humans and work well to provide a sense of resolve to the room

It is all too easy to accidentally let the valuable centrepiece of your room become a ground for junk, so implement the requisite steps to best optimise the piece.

Author: Colin Steinway

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