Published On: Sun, Jan 7th, 2018

5 Reasons Why Education will Never Be the Same with VR and AR

Classical education model is dead. It’s more and more difficult to evoke interest in pupils with the help of old-school manuals, maps, and 2D images in the books. Especially when they have tons of interesting and entertaining content on their mobile phones and tablets.

photo/ Michael Jarmoluk via pixabay.com

Maybe it’s more rational to use pupils’ interest to devices and technologies to educate them instead of competing with it? AR, VR and MR can help a lot in it. Mel science ar app can be excellent for those who want to practice chemistry safely. It visualizes various chemical reactions and shows the results of the experiments. There are also virtual reality tours that will transfer pupils to the Roman Colosseum or to the Acropolis of Athens. With such apps education becomes exciting and entertaining. Some apps are perfect for studying astronomy with fun. And augmented reality books create this magical WOW effect. However, medical students can benefit even more from using mixed reality for their training. Instead of dissecting dead bodies they can observe the work of the muscles and the brain in 3D. It’s absolutely priceless to see how the heart is pumping blood and how neurons fire impulses.

VR is even more breathtaking if you think how much it can give to handicapped people. They finally get the chance to experience the things they could never experience in real life, like surfing or playing football. For military men, VR training is often the question of life and death. Soldiers get prepared to the battlefield in VR because it provides a safe and realistic environment at the same time. Virtual reality training will become even more important with time because it’s more cost-effective and entertaining. Imagine that you can gather the whole team under one virtual roof to train them or to share new experiences without booking flights and hotels.

Those educational facilities that use VR, MR, and AR have higher chances to survive in this cruel world. There are dozens of AR and VR apps for education and training, it’s not too difficult to choose the one that suits you best.

Author: Adam Smith

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