Published On: Mon, Nov 16th, 2015

5 Reasons to Learn a Second Language

Have you ever gone out to dinner with someone who speaks another language fluently? You may have found yourself impressed with their grasp of French pronunciation, and rightly so! Speaking another language fluently is an incredibly big accomplishment and can benefit your life in a multitude of ways. If you have ever considered learning a second language, here are a few reasons to do so!

Make Better Decisions

Studies have shown that individuals who can speak at least two languages fluently, are less apt to make poor decisions when speaking in their non-native tongue. This could mean that the process of considering a statement in two different languages can help you decide against it.

Scientists estimate that the process of considering choices in your non-native tongue can protect you from “loss aversion;” best understood as “getting caught up in the here-and-now.” Imagine making better financial choices simply because you can also speak fluently in Japanese! The study showed that individuals propositioned with a long term gain in Spanish are more likely to utilize it, like a 401(k), than when they are advised in English.

photo Ulfbastel

photo Ulfbastel

Improve Your Brain Power

Everyone knows that unexercised muscles will begin to atrophy. This is nowhere more apparent than with the brain. Studies show that individuals who speak two languages fluently are more likely to score better on standardized tests, especially in the categories of math, vocabulary and reading. A similar study conducted in London showed evidence that learning additional languages can alter the grey matter of the brain in a similar manner as exercise building muscles.

Enjoy Travel More

It is no surprise that learning foreign languages can improve your travel experiences. Contrary to what social media will have you believe, travel can be much more than simply staying in 5-star all-inclusive resorts around the world. Knowing words and phrases in the local dialect can allow you to connect with people around the globe.

Be More Employable

In the modern world of business, companies are expanding globally faster than ever. This means individuals who have the capacity to face international job transfers are far more appealing to employers. Regardless of the fact that many people are now learning English, studies have shown that people are happier to finalize transactions and business deals when speaking in their native language.

Expand Your Options

Knowing a second language can expand your worldview and options in countless ways. You could have the option of living overseas, or making friends from different communities. Learning languages can turn a foreign group of people into friends and “family,” and give you a healthier perspective of other people groups.

Guest Author: Lolita Di


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