Published On: Wed, Aug 18th, 2021

5 Qualities Possessed By Great Personal Injury Lawyers

The United States relies heavily upon the legal system when it comes to the provision of compensation for injuries. Personal injury attorneys are essential cogs in this system. They need a very specific set of attributes in order to be considered successful. Here are five qualities possessed by great personal injury lawyers. 


A really good personal injury lawyer is honest with their clients, with officials, and with themselves. After making a very thorough audit of the evidence that is presented to them, a lawyer needs to be brutally honest about the chances that a case has to succeed. Clients sold down the river by an overly optimistic personal injury lawyer might even have recourse to take legal action against their poor council! Honesty is always the best policy when it comes to offering legal advice. A personal injury attorney should never make concrete promises about the likelihood of a successful case. 

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Well Honed Investigative Skills

Personal injury lawyers are investigators. They pick cases apart in order to create favorable outcomes for their clients. Attorneys need to dig deep into banks of evidence and legislative literature during their research. The attorneys that take on the toughest cases might have to pour over obscure documentary evidence and consult experts in their quest to vindicate and reward their precious clients. Statements, police reports, hospital bills, and financial statements all need to be thoroughly audited in order to prove a case and make the necessity of compensation completely undeniable. 

Problem Solving Skills

Top personal injury attorneys are great puzzlers and problem solvers. There are plenty of complex puzzles that need to be solved during a legal personal injury case. Besides the puzzle of the injury’s cause itself, attorneys need to be proficient in the development of loopholes and problems in opposing legal arguments. They also need to be able to advocate for their clients in the most difficult of circumstances – protecting the injured party from attacks by opposition legal teams that may want to discredit their experiences. 

Organizational Prowess

Legal work is nothing if not an absolute nightmare of red tape, paperwork, scheduling, and legislative small print. A good personal injury lawyer will be able to keep track of all of the different aspects of a case from the very onset of proceedings. Poor quality organization can genuinely harm a case. Any kind of documentary inconsistency or legal mishandling can cause a case to be thrown right out of court. Time management and document control should be demonstrably absolutely perfect


The best personal injury lawyers are undoubtedly capable of a great deal of empathy. Legal representatives need to be able to understand the complex emotional motivations behind their clients’ actions. Not only that, but they have to understand the equally complex motivations behind the actions of their opposition. Personal injury lawyers review lifesaving cases that evoke very strong and multilayered emotional responses. They need to be ready to assess the emotional impact of every aspect of a case. 

Author: Carol Trehearn

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