Published On: Thu, Dec 15th, 2016

4 Best Places To Do Your Homework

When it comes to doing your homework sometimes it’s hard to stay focused.  Depending on whether the subject matter interests us or not, sometimes the slightest distractions can take us away from being totally focused on our work.

Doing homework at home can be a challenge if you have a large family, or a small living space which has a lot of action going on and potential distractions.

Sometimes the best places to do your “home” work isn’t at home at all, making the name of the task a little ironic. Take a look at some of the best places for keeping your focus centered.

Computer Lab

photo Masae via wikimedia commons

photo Masae via wikimedia commons

The school computer lab is a great place to do your work since it is a no-nonsense straightforward environment.  You have a staff on hand to assist with any software questions, and the machines are regularly maintenanced leaving you assured that you won’t be left with any technical difficulties all on your own.

Usually, a school computer lab requires making a reservation since there can be a large amount of students wanting to use the computers.  Try avoiding potentially missing your opportunity at getting in some work time by reserving ahead of time instead of walking in at the last minute.


Try going to a cafe where you don’t know a lot of people.  Get yourself a nice hot cup of coffee and find a quiet corner close to an electrical outlet if you have to work on your computer. There is nothing worse than being in the middle of your work in a cafe and you realize your battery is about to die but you’re nowhere near an outlet.

In this modern day, a seat near an outlet is prime real estate.  Keep an eye out when you first enter the cafe and run for it!


The school library is guaranteed to be a quiet environment with plenty of seating and access to all of the research material you need. Usually, they provide pencils, paper, and desks with lighting.

The nice thing about the library is that it is strongly enforced to remain a quiet area specifically for working so even if you see people that you know you don’t have to worry about feeling an obligation to interact.

In a Quiet Park

If you have some reading to do, a nice park is a fantastic place to focus on the material you’re studying without being distracted by too much technology or lights or sound.  

While working on your computer is certainly an option if you have a laptop, it may not be the ideal location for long since there is no power supply.

Author: Anna Johansson

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