Published On: Sun, Sep 23rd, 2018

3 Ways to Use Monero For Good

Users of Monero (XMR) understand that the cryptocurrency can be used just like cash. It can even be stored in a private Monero GUI wallet until it’s needed. And just like you might donate cash anonymously to a Christmas charity, Monero can also be donated anonymously to a number of charitable organisations.

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Here are three safe and secure ways you can use Monero to benefit charities and causes of your choosing — without ever making a purchase.

  1. Download the Change.org Monero Mining Screensaver

Mining for Monero is a profitable way of earning real cryptocurrency in exchange for your work. Now, some charities are leveraging Monero mining, donating funds earned to benefit causes and charities that others care about. Recently the social petition platform Change.org released a screensaver that does such work. Aptly named The Mining Screensaver, the screensaver mines Monero in the background whilst you are away from your computer. All monies earned through mining are then donated to the Change.org Foundation, which helps to build social movements and conduct digital campaigns to create social change. For more information on how you can download the Mining Screensaver, visit their website

  1. Use Your Unused Computer Power to Mine for Charity

Similar to the Change.org Mining Screensaver, Charity Mine also mines Monero and donates it to selected charities. But unlike the Mining Screensaver, which utilises a downloaded screensaver to mine Monero on a computer, Charity Mine uses your unused computer power to mine. The process of using Charity Mine is very simple. You simply browse to their website and click the “Get Started” button on the homepage. From there, the Charity Miner starts solving hashes; that is, puzzle-like problems that are solved using your unused computer power. For each hash that is solved, Charity Mine is rewarded with the cryptocurrency Monero, which is later converted and distributed to select charities. As of this writing, donations on Charity Mine were being sent to Direct Relief, a humanitarian aid organisation that works in more than 80 countries around the world. 

  1. Benefit UNICEF By Opening TheHopepage.org In Your Browser

Just like Charity Mine, TheHopepage.org uses your unused computer power to mine Monero. In order to participate, you only need to open the Hopepage website and keep it running in a different tab whilst you browse other websites. Your browser will use your computer’s processor to solves hashes, earning Monero as a reward for each hash that is solved. The longer you leave the website opened in a browser, the more hashes the program is able to solve. All monies earned are then donated to UNICEF’s Australia office, which is then used to purchase safe water, therapeutic food and vaccines for children and families around the world. 

Using Monero to do good is simple and rewarding. Using the extra power of your computer, you can help mine Monero to support worthy organisations. Use the three simple strategies above as a starting point to help important causes and make real, lasting change in the lives of people around the world. 

Author: Glen Star


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