Published On: Wed, Jun 27th, 2018

12 Tips to Enjoy Better Sound Quality in Your Car

Driving can be more enjoyable when you are listening to nice music. Since you are outdoors, the volume of your speakers can be set higher than you normally would in your home. Music lovers also go further to assemble special car audio gear for their cars. However some common errors during installation can compromise the quality of sound from the speakers.

The following tips will be helpful to owners of factory set of speakers and other advanced setups to overcome simple issues that may arise. With these tips, you won’t have to tolerate low-quality sounds anymore. Minor adjustments in the wiring will make all the difference in the sound output.

Buy new speakers for your car

The most common cause of low-quality car sounds is old speakers, and in most cases, the speakers that came with your car are not of the highest quality. There are newer and better-improved speakers that can last longer and produce better sounds.

You will notice a significant difference after installing a new set of improved speakers developed with innovative technology. The sound output will be clearer and have a tighter bass sound. The difference will be obvious when you compare the new sound with the output from your old speakers.

Getting new speakers also gives you the opportunity to research and choose the best brands based on users feedback and sound tests.

Download higher quality music files

The quality of your music files also determines the output. Some music files sound better when you use headphones, but you will notice some lapses in quality when these files are played on bigger speakers. Compressing files can compromise the quality and output. Only good speakers will reveal that there is something wrong with the output.

If you are downloading music files with your iPod, smartphone or MP3 player, find files that have lower compressions. Music files with higher bitrate will sound better when played in your car. Music streaming platforms also offer different quality regarding music files, so find out the platforms with high-quality sounds and subscribe.

Disconnect the digital-to-analog converter system

This converter changes digital data to analog which is perfect for headphones but not so good if you want to listen to high-quality sound output from your car. In newer car models, the DAC is more advanced and have better functions. You can bypass this system in older car stereo models by connecting your smartphone or iPod to the car stereo. You can find a competent technician to help you with this task if there are still issues.

Install a sound amplifier

The watts generated by your car stereo cannot be compared to the watts produced from an RMS outboard amplifier. Installing a new amplifier in your car can provide more power and output than the car stereo. The difference will be very obvious. Amplifiers enhance the sound output to make different genres of music sound much better.

Author: Maria Andreas

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