Published On: Fri, Oct 26th, 2018

12 Sudanese Christians Released After Receiving Beatings

(International Christian Concern) –The 12 men that were arrested in Darfur, Sudan, a little over a week ago, have since been released. The men were arrested by the National Intelligence and Security Services(NISS) during a home church meeting on Oct 13. (We originally reported that they were out evangelizing, but our sources have since confirmed that it was in fact a house church meeting.)

After the arrest, they were held by NISS, beaten and asked if they had always been Christians. Three confirmed that they had in fact always been Christians. They were released shortly after this. The other nine men were kept and told that they were going to be tried for apostasy. Apostasy is leaving the Islamic faith for another religion. This is a crime in Sudan which can gain the death penalty.

These nine Christian were continuously beaten, until eight of them supposedly recanted their faith. They were then released and told that they were only charged with disturbing the peace. The ninth man, the leader of the home church they were arrested in, did not recant his faith however. They kept him another day and released him on Oct 22. They told him that he would be charged with apostasy. He now must check in at a local police station every three days until he is given a court date and hearing.

This clear and blatant violation of human rights and freedom of religion is why Sudan has constantly been ranked high on most persecution watch lists. It is also why they should continue to be designated a Country of Particular Concern by the United States Commission for International Religious Freedom office. Please pray for the safety and faith of these Christians as they are subjected to continued pressure and persecution for following Christ.

Check out the ICC post HERE


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